Back in August, I had a secret shoot in Boston where I got to wear the most comfortable high heels all around the city. Sounds like an oxymoron, right?

IMG 7980

I usually have a love/hate relationship with high heels because I want to wear them but I have the hardest time finding ones that are comfortable. I love wearing heels because they make my legs look longer and leaner, plus you look like a boss! There is something about wearing high heels that gives me extra confidence. 

Thankfully, I discovered Total Motion by Rockport which uses an adidas’ technology for sneaker like comfort. My secret shoot was for a video to promote their Total Motion styles which for the first time are seriously cute and comfy!  

Here is the final product from our shoot in August. Take a look at how I am #PoweredByHeels and inspired to stay fit. Also check out the crazy stuff they had me do while wearing heels! You can also watch my behind the scenes sneak peak here. Thank you to SnapTop Market as well for letting us shoot in store!

I wore the heels for 6 hours, walking, skipping and climbing all over the city. I had zero blisters and no complaints. The best part is how much I loved the look of the shoes. I actually wore my first pair of high heels to the airport last Friday! 

Screen Shot 2014 10 28 at 12 08 49 PM

As part of their #PoweredByHeels #Sweeps, Rockport wants to know what keeps you energized and on the move. Follow Rockport Shoes and share it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #PoweredByHeels #Sweeps to be entered to win a pair of Total Motion Shoes this Friday or a trip to a Miami spa! Sweepstakes ends October 31st so don’t wait to enter! Get more details here.

Screen Shot 2014 10 28 at 12 07 53 PM

My own pairs have been traveling all over the world with me. I’m wearing the pointy toe pump in the video which is a classic. I also have it in nude and love it! If you can’t do heels, I love the Total Motion Hidden Wedge Cap Toe in Brown Leopard. I wore this shoe all over London and Scotland, even on the plane!

IMG 8157

They also have booties and boots for winter. 

Screen Shot 2014 10 28 at 11 27 26 AM

Workout In Heels, Why Not?

We took some pictures as well from the shoot to give you an idea of all the fun workout moves you could even do wear a pair of high heels! 

Three Legged Dog…

IMG 0631

To a cross body crunch…

IMG 0637

To High Plank…

IMG 0645

To push up…

IMG 0642

To a mountain climber…

IMG 0657

Then stand on up and work those glutes. Stand tall on your tip toes…IMG 0696

And then sink down into a deep squat. You could use a chair for balance or not…

IMG 0670

You could also do sumo squat pulses, my favorite. 

IMG 0712

Lift one heel at a time, the both to challenge your balance.

IMG 0715

It’s harder than it looks, I promise!

IMG 0732

Who makes your favorite pair of comfy high heels? 

Outfit: Adidas Performer Tight / Adidas Boyfriend Crush Tank / Motorcycle Jacket by StitchFix / Rockport 

#PoweredByHeels & Win a Spa Trip To Miami

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    • Rebekah Preveau

      Here here! I have a black leather pair of pumps on today from BR! I walk around my office a lot throughout the day, and on Monday nights, I have class, so I need something that will take me from office to walking around campus at night and not kill my feet. I love BR, but I would definitely give these Rockport shoes a try. My dad always loved that brand, so I kinda associated it with older people (nothing wrong with them! just not necessarily my style), but they seem to be reinvigorating their brand with younger people like Sarah, so maybe they aren’t so fuddy duddy after all! (and fyi, to those who dislike all of the “sponsored posts,” realize that the company gets way more benefit from it than she does--i.e. the fact that I now would consider buying a pair of shoes because an influencer in my life wears/likes them; marketing 101)

  • Marielle

    Cute pics! I rarely wear heels anymore doc they always kill my feet after a couple hours…been sticking to wedges mostly. But these look amazing, may have to check them out 🙂

  • Cait

    I have been a reader of your blog for years and found another favorite blog elements of style by erin gates thanks to you. However there is nothing authentic on your blog anymore. All you do is try to sell random stuff. I understand we all have to make a living but your content has really gone downhill And has been rather disappointing for the last year or so. I miss the old sarahfit!

    • Sarah

      Hi Cait, I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment as I do not ignore kinds like this. Partnering with brands that support the my message is how I get to spend thousands of hours making and posting hundreds of free videos and blogs that are packed with valuable information on diet, exercise and general wellness. While I’m sorry you feel like I have done too many recently, I actually have said no to almost every company that has approached me in the past couple months. The few that you see are the brands I truly use and love. I hope you can find value in what I do share as I think these brands or organizations are awesome. Out of my 12 videos in October, 8 are totally un-sponsored. One was for a non profit for breast cancer awareness (not paid), one video was a behind the scenes look at a shoot I did with Rockport (again not paid to upload my video -- paid to be in theirs), and lastly two sponsored by Love Beets and Adidas both which are great workouts or stretching routines that I think are awesome. I’m sorry if it seems like too many to you, but I appreciate you letting me know as it helps me stay in check!

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