Pregnancy Update: Half Way!!!! 20 Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate

And just like that, I’m half way there already. It’s crazy how fast it’s gone. I shot a pregnancy update last week and shared it on my Fit Family YouTube channel yesterday.

I’ll share a lot of the same info below, but I also share footage in the video from when I found out I was actually in fact having a boy, not the Sneak Peek results but the results from the ultrasound.


Baby Update

The baby is the size of an endive, or rather 10 inches long and just over 10 oz!

Weight Gain To Date

I however have gained about 10 lbs. I’m currently weighing in around 146-147.


I have been feeling great so I’m exercising regularly. I mainly spin and do strength training on my own. I went to Recycle Studio this weekend and also did a few Peloton workouts, all 30 minutes with Emma or Alex. On the strength training side of things, I’ve been doing the Stronger workouts from the Sweat App with modifications. I can’t do any of the ab workouts anymore and have to modify some of the arm stuff like pushups.

With Tommy I did not modify pushups or planks until the third trimester. I also had a book (I talk about this is the video above), that recommended doing regular ones well into the third trimester! I no longer believe this is the safest way to work your core during pregnancy and have chosen to do any plank movements with my hands on an elevated surface like an exercise bench. This takes some of the pressure off of my abdominal wall, the same pressure that can cause a diastasis rectified. I don’t think I had one with Tommy but I also feel like I am noticing my stomach coning already which I did not with Tommy until much later.

The coning that I’m talking about refers to the shape your stomach forms when in a plank position. The baby plus placenta and fluids are too much for your abdominal wall and start to pry apart your abdominals right down the middle. The stretching is normal, a separation is not. No one really knows why some women get them and some don’t. It may be genetic but I do know second time around that there are movements that you can do to lessen the likelihood.

There is so much conflicting advice and I’m hoping to do a Facebook live with a friend of mine who specializes in a diastasis recti.

I am also doing my own strength workouts that I will share soon as part of my prenatal workout program. You can check out the first trimester workouts here. 


I really don’t have any cravings that are consistent. One day I’ll want chocolate and then next a tuna melt but nothing is consistent. With Tommy, I only ate vegetables in the form of Cesar salad and Eggplant Parmesan. This time around, I really couldn’t care less about either one.


I haven’t purchased anything but last week I had a bump in Instagram followers after announcing that I was having a boy and a few maternity clothes companies asked if they could send me a few things. I just got a package from Matron Saint and I’m pretty obsessed already!

Looking Forward To

This weekend! We are going to Miami for the weekend. Nick has family there and so we are going for a quick visit. It is not our baby moon and a few people told me there was a Zika threat there but I’m confident that it is safe but will be wearing long sleeves and pants at night.

Other thoughts…

This pregnancy is going by fast. I feel large so much faster and I feel like I’ll be planning for the summer in no time.

I’ve been super anxious the past week since the Florida school shooting. I am very outspoken in person and on twitter but it is hard for me to remain quiet on my other platforms. I was vocal during the presidential election but after getting too many nasty messages regarding politics, I’ve chosen to remain quiet on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

However, assault rifles should be banned or at a minimum the ability to buy one should be a million times harder than it currently is to nearly impossible. I am a mother, I live in Massachusetts and I’m very socially liberal, did expect a different stance? It’s frustrating living in here that there really is little I can do to change any of this. All our state reps votes against bills to loosen gun control bills. If you don’t live in MA, please look up the voting records of your representatives here and do not vote for them in November if up for reelection.

You are the only hope we have! 

Every night and every morning, I hug Tommy to tightly and lovingly so that if something were to even happen, I can rest assured that I’ll remember how it felt to hug his little body and that he knew he was loved. I shouldn’t have to feel this way.

If you have any questions leave them below. I’m going to answer them tonight on my Insta stories 🙂

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