Stitch Fix Maternity Unboxing, Try On + Review 2018

I wasn’t planning to shoot this but instead of writing a blog, I was already all set up to shoot a video when this package came so if you’re curious, here is my latest Fix!

PS. I kept everything… You can try Stitch Fix yourself by signing up here. (<- yep, that’s an affiliate code… and how I make a living these days. I appreciate your support).


I’m curious to try Le Tote’s Maternity service. If you have tried any of these other maternity boxes, let me know!

Stitch Fix Maternity Unboxing, Try On + Review 2018

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  • Carla

    Lol!!!! It totally makes sense to keep the necklace ????????….as my hubby says…spend money to save money lol????????….women are always looking for a deal!! You look fabulous in all of it!!

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