Pregnancy Update: Week 41

I was convinced last week would be my last pregnancy update. Well, guess what? I’m still pregnant. This has probably been the most frustrating week and I actually want to share my experience because I find myself googling more than usual to read other women’s stories.

Baby Update

He’s ready to come out! He is full grown. He is still moving around pretty regularly and still feels high up. We can really feel where his feet are which is pretty cool. I’m ready to play with them though in real life and not through my stomach.

Weight Gain

Still 30 lbs to date…


I haven’t been going to classes but have been continuing my workouts on the treadmill and elliptical machines. I’ll share my treadmill workout tomorrow that I did to mimic a Barry’ Bootcamp class. After wards, I did another strength training circuit focusing on arms, chest, back and squats!

Treadmill Workout


Heart burn still. I wake up multiple times at night to pee. Headaches have been regular. My hips are more achey but not unbearable. I have been having braxton hicks contractions but that is it making me think this baby is in no rush to arrive.


I still am comfortable but I’m incredibly anxious. I am ready. I didn’t plan anything this past week because I thought I would go into labor for sure.

My sister and mother both said their waters broke so I should probably expect mine to as well. Neither went a week over their due dates so I didn’t think I would either. I knew it was a possibility though.

When I went to my doctor’s appointment on Monday, I did not see my regular nurse and midwife who were on vacation or off. The nurse recommended I schedule an induction for next week in case he hadn’t come since he was measuring nearly 9 lbs already. I made one for Sunday night at 8:30pm. I’m writing this at 8:45pm Sunday night. I got cold feet and pushed it back hoping that my little guy would arrive on his own.

He hasn’t.

I have another appointment Monday to check in on the baby and also speak with my midwives to come up with a plan.

Per your recommendations, I’ve learned there are many ways to naturally induce labor however very few are actually scientifically proven. Most of the time, these methods work because the women would have gone into labor regardless. I of course, was stubborn and tried a few but figured if he was ready he would come on his own.

This week I ate as much spicy food as I could. I walked as much as I could. I even walked along the curb with one foot on the sidewalk and one in the street. Nipple stimulation allegedly works but you have to do it for an hour 1-3 times a day for it to work. Who has the time to do that?! Not me. So I didn’t. Red Raspberry Leaf tea is more for your uterus than starting labor. I drank it anyway every morning. I did make an appointment to get acupuncture for tomorrow but I have had very few signs of labor besides losing the “mucus plug” last Saturday.

Castor Oil has been mentioned a lot. I honestly am really reluctant to take something that is a diuretic before going into labor. I read some nasty stories and Bex confirmed it’s likely not helpful in starting labor.

I’m only 7 days overdo, so why am I freaking out?

Many first time moms go over their due date. Babies don’t know their due date. They come when they are ready. That is one way to think about it.

However, my guy is measuring 9 lbs at least. I WANT to experience labor as it is meant to be. I don’t want to be induced for a variety of reasons. Not only does it increase your chances of having a c-section but it also means a longer and more painful labor most likely.

On one hand, if I have the induction, I avoid the complications of post term labor babies and increase my chances of being able to fit the large man through the birth canal. If I wait too long, he may poop on the inside which can cause a variety of health issues and be too big, leading me to an emergency c-section among other things. Ideally, I’d like the baby to come on his own but I’m also very aware of what my birthing experience may look like if I wait too long.

There are so many opinions out there and so many “facts.” Don’t believe everything you read, especially on the internet or on a message board! Question everything. I do.

My plan is to talk with my midwife tomorrow after I see the acupuncturist. I’m hoping she will be able to tell me how dilated I am as I have no idea! They haven’t checked once yet. I also may ask them to do a membrane sweep. I will however have to make an appointment for an induction as I know Mass General will not let me go past 42 weeks.

My Life on Hold

The worst part about week 40 is that you can’t plan anything. It’s like Groundhog Day the movie. You wake up every morning wishing that your water broke in the middle of the night and when you get up and realize it didn’t, it’s kind of like, “Well, maybe today?” And then you go sleep dissapointed and tired hoping that maybe tomorrow will be the big day… and NOPE.

I made last minute plans to shoot with Rachel my videographer and have lunch with my friend Rebecca from The Ripe Stuff at the yummy Whole Heart Provisions. We shot a prenatal workout video and I shared what was in my hospital bag.


I tried to do some work while preparing for the baby by bouncing on my exercise ball and eating oatmeal which is supposed to be good for breastfeeding.

Bouncing on Ball Oatmeal

It was hard to be focused though. You need to be prepared to go into labor at any moment when you are past your due date.

I envisioned the 3 weeks after the baby was born as being my “maternity slow down period.” There is no SarahFit maternity paid leave obviously. No one is paying me to stay home with my baby like they do at Facebook or Fidelity, one of the downsides of being self employed. So this extra week of waiting is like adding another week to my non-paid unproductive days. It’s also an extra week away from teaching classes.

I keep comparing pictures on my bump to see if I’ve dropped and I just don’t see it. The one of the left is more recent than the black dress bump picture. The top photo is from Sunday, 41 weeks exactly. DROP 40 WEEKS

I’ve been sharing updates on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so make sure you’re following me if you are interested in the impeding arrival of LittleFit.

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