Whole Heart Provisions Review: New Vegan Restaurant in Boston

A few weeks ago, I ventured outside of my neighborhood (gasp!) and paid a visit to one of the newest vegan healthy restaurants around town in Allston, Whole Heart Provisions. It actually is in the same space that used to be occupied by Root. If you are still feeling bloated after Thanksgiving, give this spot a try to feel nutritious again.

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The concept is similar in that it’s quick vegan food you order at the counter and then sit down or take out to eat. I love these kinds of places and wish there were more in Back Bay or the South End. I think most of Boston agrees which is why Sweetgreen and Life Alive are always so damn busy.

The main thing on the menu is the Whole Bowl aka power bowls. You can select one of their 7 menu options or create your own. Feeling lost trying to create my own, I ordered the Miso and my lunch buddy Sara ordered the Cassie.

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The miso was really good but when it came out, looked pretty similar to the Cassie too. I expected it to be warm but it wasn’t, reminding me of Life Alive but cold. I got mine on a base of mixed kale and quinoa. It also came with roasted broccoli, smashed cucumber, edamame, shaved brussel sprouts, sesame crunch and orange miso dressing.

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The Cassie looked delicious but I did not try it. It came with japanese eggplant, seared cauliflower, chickpeas, savory green beans, basil, currants, crispy chickpeas, and a pomegranate vinaigrette.

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The best part of the meal was probably the falafel dog. We heard it was good and so I wanted to try it despite not expecting it to literally be like a hot dog but with falafel. File that notion under stupid things that make me question my sanity as a pregnant person.

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The falafel was moist and flavorful. The tahini, grillo’s pickles and tomato were perfect compliments and the bun did not steal any attention away from the good stuff.

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I washed down my meal with a glass of fresh kombucha. It was the first time I had it since I wrote this blog post, but it was worth it and we’re fine! They also have juices

Afterwards, we headed over the FoMu because you can’t go to Allston and not go there. The place is amazing and serves coconut based vegan ice cream and baked goods. I bought a pint of the malted cookie dough ice cream to bring home and grabbed a magic bar seen on the left side on the photo below for the road.

IMG 1091

If you are looking for a fun spot to go on a healthy date with your girlfriends or SO I highly recommend making the trip. Nick would probably like this place but would want chicken on top like he does when we go to Life Alive. We drove and found parking but it kind of a bitch to get to via public transportation in my opinion. I would ride a Hubway or take an Uber if you don’t have a car.  It is located at the intersection of Cambridge and Beacon Street.

In a head to head competition I would choose Life Alive but Whole Heart Provisions makes a close second with the option to have dessert at FoMu after… I gotta go back and try a few of the other bowl options and crispy brussels sprouts.

Non-disclaimer: I paid for my food and WHP did not ask me to write this.

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