Pregnancy Workout | 2nd Trimester Workout

Finally, I’ve made it to sharing my 2nd Trimester Workouts as part of my Pregnancy Workout Guide. 


You can find my first trimester workouts below:

This workout is similar to the others in my pregnancy workout guide. It features 2 rounds of 4-5 different moves, doing 2 sets of each exercise, one right after the other like a big loop. If you’re feeling up to it and have time, I suggest a 3rd giant round, where you just do one set of each exercise for a total of 3 sets of every moves.

Make sense?

Second Trimester HIIT Workout

Here are the moves:

Round One

  • 24 Band Walks (12 reps in each direction)
  • 12 Squat to Shoulder Press (Use between 7.5-15 lbs dumbbells)
  • 24 Hip Lifts (12 on each leg)
  • 15 Kettlebell Swings or Dumbbell Swings if at home (Use between 10-20 lb KB or Dumbbell).
  • Do this 2 times though.

Round Two

  • 12 Single Arm Bent Over Rows
  • 12 Single Arm Chest Press (Shoulders on Bench or Ball)
  • 12 Skull Crushers (Shoulders on Bench or Ball)
  • 12 Modified Burpees
  • Do this 2 times through.

Have an extra 10 minutes? Do one more round of 8 moves from beginning (Band Walks) to end. (Modified Burpees)

If you are in your first trimester, this workout is safe to do.

If you are in your third trimester or carrying multiples, you will want to modify some of the moves as follows:

Instead of doing a Kettlebell swing, just do a regular body weight squat and try to pick up the pace as quickly as you safely can. Some people may feel OK doing a KB swing into their third, but some may find it puts too much pressure on their pelvic floor.

Instead of trying to balance on a ball for the chest press and skull crusher, be safe and just use a bench on a slight incline so that your heart is above your baby. In the video, you see my hips are slightly lower than my shoulders.

The reason for this is because of your vena cava. It is a major artery that delivers blood and oxygen to your baby. Lying on your back for an extended period of time, may put too much pressure on this artery and if you are there for an extended period of time, you will be feel dizzy and out of breath when you stand up. For short periods of time like during an exercise, your baby will be fine but this is one of the reasons why sleeping on your back from here on out is a no no.

Instead of doing a modified burpee, march in place bringing your knees high up into your chest. Try to use your abdominals to lift your legs. Do 24 reps, 12 on each leg. It may feel lame but try to use it as a standing ab exercise and get your heart rate up a little bit. You could also do a step up if you have a low bench or step available.

If you have any questions, let me know down below. For tips and tricks on how to do the moves, watch the video above!

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