1st Trimester Pregnancy HIIT Workout

Finally, the second workout for my pregnancy workout guide is live on YouTube. I’m sharing a pregnancy friendly HIIT workout below. This assumes that you were in shape before you became pregnant. As always though, check with your OBGYN to make sure that you are cleared to continue your workouts. Pregnancy is not the time to start a new routine.

Do each move in set #1 a total of 2 times through. Take a 2 minute break and then do set #2. Similarly, do 2 rounds total of each move. Take a 2 minute break and then if you’re feeling good, do a third set which is made up of all 10 moves for 1 more round.

Set #1
24 Slow Mountain Climbers (12 on each side)
12 Modified or Full Burpee
24 reps Traveling Lunge (12 forward and reverse lunges on each leg)
20 Army Crawls (10 on each side)
15 Reverse Fly (2-5 lb dumbbells)

Set #2
12 Squat Pulse
24 Step Ups (12 each leg, dumbbells optional 5-12.5 lbs)
24 Shoulder Taps
24 HoverJacks or Plank with alternating feet stepping out to side
15 Upright Row (5-12.5 lbs dumbbells)

Wanna try this workout in your second trimester? Try these modifications…

For mountain climbers, shoulder taps and hover jacks, place hands on an exercise bench so that your heart is elevated above baby. Similar for the burpee, put hands on an exercise bench.

Omit the army crawls and instead try 40 jumping jacks.

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