Prenatal, Postpartum and Nursing FASTer Way Round

WHAT?! I’ve never been more excited about a FASTer Way round. We have a very special round starting on Monday, Labor Day, September 7th specifically designed for new moms, prenatal and nursing clients for $50 off the regular price of our typical 6 week rounds!

I know, some of you first rolled your eyes… fat loss while pregnant? Going after insecure new moms to lose the baby weight!?

First off, this round is different than typical FASTer Way rounds. You will have access to our workouts and meal plans but you will have extra, additional trainings that are focused on checking for a diastasis recti, how to avoid developing one, modifications for safe exercises if you have a DR, how to close the gap, how to eat the right foods for you and baby, how to maintain milk supply, postpartum mental health, hormones, how to avoid prolapse, when to start running again, and more!

FASTer Way is known for being the premier online program for pairing our workouts with our food cycle like intermittent fasting, carb cycling and the best online workouts available. In this round, we will have pregnant and newly postpartum women as well as moms who have 6 month olds. You can join this round as long as your baby is under 12 months! We also recommend getting cleared by your doctor before you begin the program if you are newly postpartum, which means for most 6 or 8 weeks.

Normally I discourage newly postpartum clients but this round is different!!! We will have additional resources and help.

As women, we used to be told we should NOT START a new nutrition or fitness program during pregnancy. But not anymore! Believe it or not, pregnancy is an ideal time for maintaining or adopting a healthy lifestyle. Updated recommendations from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists now confirms what many moms-to-be have already known to be the best plan of action for their health and the health of their unborn child – “to embrace healthier routines.”

My clients are eating more than they ever have in my regular rounds and exercising less while seeing great results! My pre and postnatal clients can expect no less.

This is not a deprivation diet, we will focus on eating whole foods and making sure we get enough of them for mom and baby. If you are starving, know you need to eat more but not sure of what foods or how much, WE WILL HELP YOU.

This round isn’t about fat loss for our pregnant or even newly postpartum clients, it’s about changing your relationship with food and fitness for the better, long term and love your body along the way with all the incredible changes that take place when you grow another human.

Will our postpartum clients burn fat? YES! Heck, our pregnant clients might too but that’s not our goal – my goal is for you to stop thinking of food as GOOD or BAD! It’s to make you realize you don’t have to KILL yourself in your home gym to see results or gain the benefits of exercise.

When you join me, you’ll get: 

  • Science-backed nutrition strategies – great for mama AND baby!
  • Daily 30-minute workouts – because you don’t have time to spend hours exercising.
  • Weekly meal guides with a grocery list to take the guesswork out of meal planning.
  • A focus on whole food nutrition – no shakes, pills, or supplements with mystery ingredients that could be harmful to you or your baby.
  • Accountability and support from an exclusive community of women just like you!

Additional trainings *may* include –

  • How to prevent and detect diastasis recti
  • Exercise alternatives and modifications during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Building and maintaining nursing and milk supply
  • Hormones during and after pregnancy- i.e., drawing attention to adrenal fatigue and other common issues postpartum
  • Mindset: loving your body during the pregnancy, postpartum, and nursing journey. Giving yourself grace and focusing on what your body can do. 
  • Postpartum depression/mental health/going through this journey during COVID and beyond
  • C-section recovery and releasing guilt or shame regarding a C-section
  • How to establish realistic goals during pregnancy and postpartum 
  • Tips on preparing for a non medicated birth- exercises, breathing, visualizations, affirmations

** I said MAY because as part of the planning committee we are still figuring out what bonus content we will be providing but know that fitness modifications, whole food nutrition and IF flexibility are our priorities!

Ok, I think that’s it… Let me know if you have any more questions. You can sign up today, here!

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