Preparing To Jump Back To School + Our Preschool Commute

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I am very excited about Tommy’s first day of school next week. Back to school shopping has been challenging with a newborn and I’ve been relying on online shopping. When do you think they’ll start offering to have your kids hair cut at your home?

Tommy is a very active little dude these days. One of the girls that helped watch him this summer said he had the most energy out of any child she’s babysat. Inside our beach club, he would run laps around a giant table used for arts and crafts in the middle of the room. He even completed his first road race in early August and afterwards wanted to run the course “again” and “again” and “again.”

The course was about 300 yards but he legit ran it with only a few distractions. At home in Boston, he walks most places these days, too! I have to bribe him to sit in the stroller with food so we are not constantly running late.

Back To School Saucony Kids Originals Jazz Little Kids

He runs his footwear into the ground so I knew we needed some new kicks for Back To School.

Shoes for toddlers are kind of hard to buy because their feet grow so fast and what toddler wants to try on shoes in a store???

I love Zappos because they have free shipping and make it easy to return or exchange a size. This year, I snagged a pair of Saucony Kids Originals Kids Originals for Tommy that I find irresistibly cute. The navy matches many of his outfits since most are blue and will be perfect for Fall Sundays to match his Patriots jersey.

These Saucony Kids Originals Jazz Hook & Loop are currently on sale for $32.95 on

Saucony Kids Originals Jazz Hook & Loop Review

Saucony Kids are made for runners, jumpers and climbers. They are inspired by kids who bring them new ideas and force them to be better. When I heard this mission, I thought to myself, “They must see boys like Tommy jumping from dangerous heights and want to prevent them from rolling their ankle,” right? Their sneakers are designed especially for kids and the unique needs of their growing feet. We love them for their wide foot options, ease of putting them on and comfort.

They are perfect for getting out the door early in the morning and running around at preschool. Tommy playground saucony kids originals jazz

Two and a half is proving to be a challenging age. Tommy now wants to put on his own shoes so it’s important to me that he can to avoid a possible meltdown at the start of the day.

Tommy’s Preschool Commute

As a city kid with a new little brother, Tommy’s journey to preschool is going to be unlike his cousins who are driven. He’s going to have to trek across the city in wind, rain and/or snow by walking or taking the T. We have the option to drive but since we don’t have parking, the T might very well be a closer walk than to our car. With Nick, Tommy will likely take the T and with me he will be strolling in style with Connor tagging along.

I’ll likely wear Connor and use a single stroller or put them both in my Uppababy Vista stroller. Tommy however routinely goes on stroller strikes where he demands that we let him walk. This not only causes mild anxiety attacks at every intersection but also doubles the amount of time it takes us to get from point A to B.

Tommy Leave Me Alone

I call this the “leave me alone” look complete with a shoulder shrug.

For non-Boston folks, the T is our subway system.  Needless to say, his shoes take a beating! Saucony Kids make some of our favorite shoes for little kids and of course they do make them for big kids, too!

Check out Saucony Kids at

Preparing To Jump Back To School + Our Preschool Commute

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