The Post-Holiday Guide To Preventing Weight Gain

There are two things I look forward to on Christmas when it comes to indulging. My mother’s coffee cake for breakfast and grasshopper pie for dessert. Both are tradition and both are far from being healthy. Since I attempt to eat clean most days, it seems like I always eat too much. I never learn my lesson. However, I do know how to get back on track. Here is my Post Holiday Guide:

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Yesterday I did my strength training and today I’m going for an interval run. If you lack energy or enthusiasm, take a class at your gym like spinning. Since last night I was still feeling lethargic from all the sugar, I took a class called EQ 360:Fire. The instructor and fellow members pushed me harder than I would have on my own on the gym floor. I wasn’t a huge fan of the class but it was what I needed.

When I got home, I made a “Cobb” salad with the leftover honey baked ham from Christmas dinner. Avocados were on sale and I didn’t want to make a cheesy casserole. I used baked chicken, ham, avocado, egg white, blue cheese, tomato and onion with some balsamic vinaigrette. It was awesome.

On Christmas morning, I woke up and went for a 30-minute interval run (aka the booty call) before diving into breakfast. When I got back, I filled my plate with some crustless Quiche and slice of coffee cake. I went back for seconds and thirds.

My mom’s coffee cake really is amazing. I’m embarrassed to post the recipe because it really has zero nutritional value which is why we started making the Quiche a couple of years ago to go with it.

As for the Quiche, it’s amazing as well but I do not have the recipe. I’ll have to ask my mom since I think it is pretty easy to make.

As for the grasshopper pie, I do not have a picture of it, but I do have a picture my sister took of my having my first slice! It’s like mint ice cream with an Oreo crust but my mom makes the filling with Fluff, heavy whipping cream and Creme de Menthe. It’s honestly amazing and has been my favorite dessert since I can remember. I only have it on the Christmas and sometimes Easter but it’s my favorite food next to mango.

Questions of The Day:

  • Do you have a few favorite traditions that revolve around food in your family?
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