Reach The Beach starts today!!!

Good morning! At 10:20 AM my relay team, Off Balance, will begin our 200 mile trek to Reach The Beach! There are twelve of us bloggers that each have 3 legs. Mine total over 17 miles! I have never run farther than 11 miles during a long run a couple weeks ago! I’m pretty nervous to say the least. My first leg is 6.5 miles at around 2:30 PM, my second is 4.1 miles at 12:45 PM and my last leg of 6.7 should be around 10 AM. I’m the most nervous about my leg in the dark seeing as we will be running basically alone in suburbia with little street lights and fun animals.

Our team is sponsored by New Balance and yesterday we got to tour their factory. They are the only athletic shoe factory in the U.S! While only 25% of their production is done here, that is 25% more than any other athletic shoe brand.

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