Thoughts on FASTer Way To Fat Loss So Far

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The weekends are hard. I’ve been trying to stick with this fat loss program and while the intermittent fasting part is easy for me (at least in the morning, I break my fast at noon but struggle to stop at 8 since I’m usually still finishing dinner), it’s so time consuming to track all my macronutrients every day. I feel like I’m constantly on my phone.

When I make something at home, like a salad, it’s a pain in the butt to manually enter every little thing into my phone. I was doing great all week without any cravings and then Friday I just wanted chocolate! I found myself eating semi-sweet chocolate chips at home after dinner, something I only do when I’m dieting and not buying my favorite treats I’m able to eat in moderation but not on the list of “approved” foods for this program. Then Nick said, “I know it’s your job, but you talk about this diet stuff a lot.” Sigh…

I don’t want to be that person. I used to be that person, but I don’t want to be that person anymore. Can’t the last 5-10 lbs just melt away? Truth be told, last time, I lost my “last 5 lbs” when I got norovirus! I never gained it back.

I don’t have a scale right now. It needs new batteries. I weighed myself at the gym last week and saw I was down 3-4 lbs since New Years. On this program, you’re technically not supposed to weigh yourself during the 6 weeks but I forgot to weigh myself at the start so I’ll wait until the end.

I wanted sugar all weekend. Finally on Sunday, I had a kiddie sized FoMu ice cream with Tommy. It totally satisfied my kick and I’m excited to get back on track today with a low carb day. On the program, I do two days eating low carbs (100 net total) and the rest “regular” macro because I’m nursing. If you’re not nursing, two of the days are lower macro days.

I signed up for this 6 week fat loss program that is called FASTer Way to Fat Loss so that I could learn about carb cycling, intermittent fasting and counting macros. Today is the start of week 2. I’m trying to commit fully so my review is accurate for those who can follow the program, but I think for me, I’m going to have to do a few modifications. They have ones already in place for nursing women.

That being said, I feel good right now even if I’m not at my goal. A pair of skinny jeans I was nervous to try on even fit this weekend.

However, I don’t want you to forget that a picture is not always telling the entire story. I have plenty of belly fat and skin that I can hide easily on Instagram. Fat loss isn’t going to get rid of stretchy skin. It’s my mummy tummy and a daily reminder how amazing the female body can be.

I know many of you are interested in my thoughts on Intermittent Fasting and this program and to be honest, it’s really hard to find a lot of research that agrees on IF, especially when it comes to a woman’s reproductive years. If you are thinking of getting pregnant, I don’t think IF is the right choice however, some people said their doctors recommended it to get pregnant. The research is really conflicting.

Thoughts on FASTer Way To Fat Loss so far

Here are a few initial thoughts:

  • Not eating until noon is easier than I thought most days. I’m not that hungry and it allows me to be super productive in the morning! I have ADD and I love this side effect because it allows me to concentrate.
  • I have NOT noticed a decrease in my milk supply and yes, I’m still exclusively breastfeeding.
  • The workouts are fun to follow along. I love having a program that I don’t have to think about. Week 1 felt easy for me. I may modify moving forward… for example the workout on Saturday focused on legs but I did a BBG Stronger leg workout that I love instead as it felt more up to my current fitness level.
  • Counting macros is HARD and I have found that I eat a lot of fat and not enough carbs or protein. Maybe I should try a vegan keto diet next…
  • I’m kidding about the last statement, if anything, this is reminding me why I don’t do well on “diets” – as soon as I’m not supposed to eat something, I want it more and then I lose my ability to eat in moderation. Womp, womp…

Have you tried Intermittent Fasting? What are your thoughts on IF with nursing or getting pregnant?

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