No Needles Tummy Tuck: Pilates Ab Routine with Jenn Phelan

This is an oldie but goodie Pilates Ab Workout featuring my favorite Boston fitness Mom, Jennifer Phelan. Neither of us had any kids of course at this time! However, it takes only 5 minutes to do making it appealing for anyone time pressed. I never added the video to my blog which is why I’m sharing it now but also because it’s that good and deserves it’s own blog post.

This is also pretty postnatal safe as well as safe to do in your 1st trimester.

Like Jenn, I got my break in the Boston fitness scene before kids. As we have grown, so has our audience. Not sure why I titled this video “No Needle Tummy Tuck” as no one I knew had tummy tucks.

Any way, this super easy routine is a sure thing to get your core fired up and fatigued in a short amount of time. If you like this routine, don’t forget to check out our booty workout that is a Pinterest favorite!

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