Rihanna & TechMunch In Boston

To escape the heat, I left Boston last Thursday.  It was going to be 103 in the city, and my lovely apartment does not have AC.  My mother who live in Cape Cod however, does!

I went to a family friend’s gym for my strength training routine on Friday morning.  I can always wake up and do my weights.  Cardio is another story.  By 10 am, it was already in the 90’s on the Cape!  After filming and working from the house until 2 pm, I attempted to cool off at the beach but it was almost too hot to even do that!

Saturday was suppose to be a beach day so I woke up at 8 am and went for my long run.  I managed to put in 60 minutes in 80-degree heat.  I’m pretty excited I can run a full hour these days.  It feels very accomplishing.  Afterwards, the heat brought along some crazy lightning and quick showers.  I kept trying to snap a pic but my hands were not quick enough.

On Sunday, I sadly had to leave the Cape early.  I was speaking at Techmunch in Boston about branding with Tina.  It was fun but I wasn’t able to stay long because I was headed to Rihanna’s last show in Northern America!!!!

Maggie and I went to dinner before hand at Johnnies on The West Side.  I would recommend Johnnies to anyone who wants a bite to eat or drink before going to see a concert at the TD Banknorth garden in Boston.  I was impressed with my first visit to this modern looking sports bar.  I got the ahi tuna and loved every bite of it, especially the wasabi peas.  They are my newest obsession.

In addition, I decided that since I was 27-years old going to a Rihanna concert I would embrace my younger self and order the suggested strong beverage, “Pineapple Punch.”  Maggie got the salmon which I almost ordered but decided to be different than my dining guest.  The yellow tomato sauce was simply amazing.  It came with a polenta cake as well.

As luck would have it.  When I went to pull out my camera for the concert, the battery was dead!  The rest of the pictures including both above were taken with my handy iPhone.  I was given the tickets by Nivea USA as part of their promotion for their 100th year anniversary.  They also sponsored Rihanna’s tour.

Our seats were in the ninth row on the floor!  I have never been so lucky at a concert before in my life.  Maggie and I only sat down for less than 2 minutes during the entire 2 hour long show!

We got to sit right next to Jen and Taylor who won the tickets from my giveaway on my blog!  It was fun to meet my readers in the flesh.  They had an amazing time as well and thank you to both of them who traveled 2 hour north from Connecticut.

What I love about Rihanna is that she looked amazing, in shape, healthy and like she was having fun and wanted to be there.  The reviews said she lacked energy but the girl has been on tour all summer.  She was in Baltimore the night before.  Give the girl a break.  She sounded amazing and I had fun singing along.  I do wish she played SOS but I forgive her.

In all of her outfits, she showed a lot of skin!  It’s a good thing she has amazing and near flawless looking skin since she represents Nivea.  The choreography was very sexy and she dropped a few f* bombs.  Not exactly PG-13 but what can you do.  I really like Rihanna and her concert only made me love her more.  Thank you again to Nivea USA.

Tonight, I’m going out to dinner with Tina and Brittney in the Seaport!  I’m very excited to hang out with a few of my favorite bloggers.  Do you ever meet up with your blog friends?

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