As we have all heard by now, Kate Middleton gave birth to a royal baby boy. While the last thing any new mom wants to think about is getting back a flat stomach,  reporters remain camped outside her hospital waiting for her first appearance. It’s crazy to me to think that celebrities wait months to allow photographers get a picture of them but the duchess of Cambridge is expected to get out there just 1 day after giving birth!

I am part of a channel on YouTube that creates content exclusively for moms. I decided to show new moms how to get back their pre baby abs and learn how to strengthen their core again with a new video that would sync up with the royal baby’s birth. My video went live last Thursday so my timing was horribly off.

I was surprised to learn while researching for the video that new mums can begin breathing exercises just 24-48 hours after giving birth to work on strengthening their abdominals. I’m sure this is exactly what Kate is thinking about right now… kidding of course.

**If you are also a beginner, this is also a great workout for your core.**

What would you do if you knew your picture would be plastered around the world the day after giving birth!? 

Royal Baby Fever: How To Flatten Your Abs After Pregnancy

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