Running Tips For Beginners

If you are new to running, there are simple and easy to follow training tips to help beginners build up their endurance. At one point, we all started from square one. In high school, running 1.5 miles for soccer preseason in under 12 minutes seemed like the hardest thing in the world. I vowed to never run longer distances. But as an adult, I have found that I enjoy the longer races because I have to run slower which is obviously more comfortable. I am too competitive and I have to sprint a 5k. I can’t jog it but I can’t sprint a half marathon because I am not Shalane Flanagan. If you are looking to get into running, check out my newest video for some tips on how to start.


This video was created to help you guys but also showcase some of the cute clothes from the Warriors In Pink line. WIP is the campaign I’m working with to raise awareness for breast health. All the net proceed from the clothes go to one of 4 breast cancer charities of your choosing.

Below is only of my favorite pieces. I tried grabbing attractive screen shots, but it just wasn’t happening. You can see one of the tips below as a lower third.
Screen Shot 2014 06 19 at 10 46 48 AM

The T-shirt below is also a favorite. It is really comfortable and looks cute with a pair of jeans. This tip got cut from the video above for legal reasons. I said “iPhone” and showcased my favorite adidas miCoach training app as well as my $60 adidas heart rate monitor.

Screen Shot 2014 06 19 at 10 47 52 AM

The miCoach app creates free training plans that are actually amazing. When you go running, it connects with your heart rate monitor if you are wearing one in addition to telling you when to slow down or speed up. Apparently, the Ford legal team said I needed Apple’s permission to say “iPhone” as well as written permission from adidas despite being sponsored by them.  Below is a sample of what marathon training might look like. They have plans for all levels and goals.

Screen Shot 2014 06 21 at 3 14 34 PM

For more tips check out the video or click right here.

Despite being a runner all of high school and having the runner gene (my paternal grandfather was the Tufts University track coach for 40 years!), I didn’t run my first 5K until I was 23 years old after my mother ran her first at 58 years old and insisted I join her.  Everyone starts at some point. Why not you NOW? Have you run your first race yet? If so, how old were you and who encouraged you to sign up?

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