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  • Viviana

    I am running my first half in January! And yes, it will be about that many people since it’s the D-land one! I have been told you can barely run for the first mile because there are so many people 😉 I am super nervous. I am not a runner, and I am seriously trying this time…but even though I feel like I am in good shape, I get tired easily. I feel like it’s a psychological problem since I have always hated to run! But oh well, I will do my best. I am doing 2 5K and 1 10K before then. I will be trying your cardio interval routine once a week starting next week to see if it helps me getting faster!

  • Cee

    Question for you… I’m thinking of getting a Garmin. However, I pretty much split my time between running and workout classes. I’d love to know how many calories I’m burning after the classes too, but would the Garmin work for that purpose only even though I’m not running? Love that I ran into your blog!!!

    • Sarah

      Great question! So, I don’t have much experience with a Garmin… BUT I like to know this too so what I do, given I’m a blogger, but I take a picture of my calorie burn after class and either reset the watch or just subtract the number of calories already burned about an hour later. So, the watch will not do this for you, but you can take note of it by just recording the numbers.

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