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  • Nancy

    You probably wouldn’t have had a jacket like this if they existed in the 90’s but I remember spending a lot of money for a Dallas Cowboys Starter Jacket that you just HAD to have 😉

  • Roni

    Children can be careless taking off their coats and jackets at school, church, etc. if they get too hot and just flinging them anywhere. You’d be lucky if you were able to find it in lost and found. So I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on a child’s jacket. Just think of how many other cute jackets and pieces of clothing you can buy with that $78.00. I’m into more “bang for my buck”. So my answer would be, “no”.

  • Ellen @ Wannabe Health Nut

    Oh wow, this is the last thing 13 yr.0ld New York girls need! They are so advanced it scares me. But yes, if I have a daughter one day and I’m in a position to buy Lululemon for myself regularly, I might consider getting her a few pieces, too. I do love that store!

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