Fitness Model Diet: Preparing To Shoot a Workout Video

I’ve been working hard to eat clean for my workout video shoot this week in Los Angeles so I’ve been following a fitness model diet. The actual shoot is not until Thursday but my flight is tonight at 5:30 so I still have a lot to do in preparation! This morning, I woke up and ran to my hour-long Bar Method class. Afterwards, I did 2 circuit of my 10:20:30 interval run on the way back.

@SarahFit InstagramWhen I got home, I had 1/2 cup of egg whites with spices and a bran muffin from Trader Joe’s. I burned a total of 569 calories! By the picture above, you might be thinking, when did you get those abs? The truth is that my fitness routine has remained the same, it’s my diet that I have changed the past 2 weeks in preparation.

For the most part, my breakfasts remain the same but I tend to pay more attention to my snacks and the portions of my dinners. I also cut back on starchy carbs at dinner and eliminate alcohol. In Hawaii, I had 1 glass of wine and 1/2 a beer. Lame, I know, but my work is important to me.

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Dinner last night was 4 oz of steam roasted chicken using my new Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System. It roasts and it slow cooks, this was my first attempt to use it and the chicken was perfect. I paired it with asparagus and a blend of shredded cauliflower, brussels sprouts and tomatoes.

2012 10 21 20 14 51

I helped sit in on a private tester group for the Ninja cooker last Spring and wasn’t allowed to talk about it on here. I finally got one as a thank you for helping out this fall. It is surprisingly light weight!

Other meals this week included a staple, my turkey meatloaf muffins! I made them on Monday for a YouTube recipe video and had them daily. Adding them to salads or like below, with the cauliflower/brussels sprouts mix and steamed beets.

2012 10 19 19 33 29

On Saturday, I also went for my longest run of the season. I was training for a 1/2 marathon prior to learning about Hawaii and am still determined to find one to run soon. I ran a total of 9.5 miles. I had 2 Strawberry Gu Chomps after 4 miles, and 2 more after 6 miles (100 total calories). They were way to tart for me. I liked the Tropical flavored Roctane better.  The Head of the Charles made for a perfect turn around point and fun place to stop and refuel.2012 10 20 10 56 27

I really think the mid-run nutrition is something I was lacking last year when I was training for the Reach The Beach. I also think it might be the reason why I might change my mind about actually training for a marathon. After my mega run, I downed egg whites and an bran muffin like this morning plus 1/2 scoop of JCore Recovery Lite (the screwball tasting post workout mix).

When I “diet” for shoots, the hardest part is socializing. Going out with friends or roomie is difficult because I try to avoid salt, and as healthy as you can choose off a menu, you never know what is in your food. I went to Alma Nove on Saturday and it was delicious! I did treat myself a little bit with grilled calamari salad and a steak! I never order steak but I knew it was grilled and came with a cute little side salad. I ordered some grilled asparagus as well.

So, my one trick to being able to say no to sweet treats is that, in my head, I plan a food that I’m going to reward myself with once I finish the shoot. Last time it was a cupcake at Crumbs (which turned into a Red Velvet Whoopie Pie because NYC posted the 1100 calories in the cupcakes, the Whoopie was 550), this time it’s a big giant Yogurtland.

What would be your reward food? Or would you prefer to buy something for yourself like a nice handbag or massage?

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