Second Trimester Workouts: Spinning at Recycle + Prenatal Yoga at Sadhana Studios

In the second trimester you’re supposed to be in the “good stage” of pregnancy and I am there! It’s wonderful. You barely feel like you’re pregnant at times if you’re lucky. I decided to take advantage and do something I used to love doing.

I went to Recycle Studio for a 45-minute long spin class. I took class with Erin at 10:15 am on Saturday which allowed me to sleep in (I.e. 7:15 am when Tommy woke up) and be lazy in the morning. Since it was above freezing we even went to the park as a family!

I headed over to the studio and got on a bike in the front row corner, away from center where I used to always secure a bike. I came to a few conclusions on the bike, time flies when you are in a group setting and not watching a class on a screen like the Peloton. The energy and loud music from the in person experience also push you and are equally entertaining. I loved Erin’s playlist and I loved being in class.

Recycle Studio Review Boston

The convenience of the Peloton is hard to beat if you have one in your house because it cuts down on commute time to the gym, arriving early to get a good bike, go to the bathroom, fill your water, etc… However, in person classes at Recycle Studio are my jam.

You can read my full Peloton Review here.

I stopped going in the first trimester because I didn’t want to reserve a bike, wake up feeling sick and have to late cancel. I also went to one 45 minute class and felt dead the rest of the day. I used up all my energy for that day in the spin class and was a lazy mom the rest of the day who just wanted to sit on the couch.

However, after class today, I felt energized and great! I’m going to hopefully make Saturday’s a priority to get to a class. After all, I did spin with Tommy 4 days before my due date at Recycle.

Saturday was just a busy day. We went to the park in the morning and after Tommy’s nap because it was close to 50 degrees and that is much warmer than it has been. We were excited to spend time outside.

Tommy scooter south end

For lunch I tried one of the new jars at Juice Press. This one that I got was like a Mexican Quinoa on bottom with pepper and onion and cilantro with guacamole on top, black beans and red cabbage. It was DELICIOUS. I’ve been non stop craving mexican and this hit all the right flavors. I also shared an F’ing Genius smoothie with Tommy, his favorite, before he passed out in his stroller.

Mexican Fiesta Review Juice Press

Since we got back from Disney, Tommy has resisted napping in his crib at home. He napped fine at daycare but for some reason, he did not want to sleep in his crib so I let him nap in his stroller Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday he didn’t nap at all. I decided he needed a good snooze so I let him nap in the stroller on Saturday.

He slept for 2.5 hours in the stroller! We hit up the park again when he woke up and then went to my favorite restaurant in all of Boston for dinner, Myers and Chang. No pictures because Tommy had my phone the whole time .If you ever visit, you need to go to this Asian Fusion restaurant. You will not be disappointed.

Our favorites are the Fish Tacos, Wok Charred Udon Noodles (with chicken and bok choy), the Kimchee Quinoa Bokkeumbap, and usually the Octopus but I wasn’t as into it last night as usual. The Brussels sprouts are also delicious. Tommy loved the scallion pancake, sprouts and a few noodles as they were pretty spicy. The kid would rather eat adult food items than a kids chicken finger any day.

Sunday morning, I signed up for a prenatal yoga class at Sadhana Studios. I took a couple prenatal yoga classes while pregnant with Tommy and was not a fan. I think because I wanted a challenging yoga class and they all were pretty basic stretching classes. So I went into this class with different expectations and I’m glad I did.

I arrived to a pretty packed class at 9 am. I immediately saw a familiar face and was immediately put at ease. There were women from 8 weeks to 38 weeks pregnant in class. We started introducing ourselves and sharing how far along we were and then got into a 75 minute class.

Prenatal Yoga Review Boston SSSadhana

Knowing not to expect a vinyasa type class with a flow, I really loved the class. We did a series of stretches sitting, we did some table top work and even a few bird dogs and short plank work and then moves into hip openers on our knees. We also did some spine lengthening with forward folds in a wide leg stance and finally some good pigeon with modifications.

What I like about prenatal classes is that you learn modifications for regular yoga classes should you wanna take them. Many teachers have no clue, some do, but not all, and you might as well know your limits. Therefore, even if slow yoga you thin isn’t¬†necessarily for you, go to a class or two. You won’t regret it.

I also enjoyed having 75 minutes to myself on a Sunday morning. Pre-Tommy, I would go to yoga on the weekends, every weekend, as a former weekly church goer, it was like my new time to reflect and center. I miss it so it was nice being able to go again.

We spent the afternoon at the park, grocery shopping and being lazy. It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend and I almost forgot I was pregnant I felt so good. I didn’t even have any crazy cravings!

What are your thoughts on prenatal yoga? Now that I’m 17 weeks pregnant, I’m hoping to make it part of my routine.

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