Baby Moon Ideas for 2018 | Zika Free

It wasn’t long after Nick and I started to think about a baby moon when we realized we forgot to take Zika into consideration. While no-one really is talking about it on the news, who can blame them between the fires, flooding, hurricanes, shootings and the president, but the CDC still recommends that pregnant women stay away from most countries in the South and Central Americas as well as the Caribbean.

I knew a few countries were taken off so I was curious if there were more that I was unaware of and asked my Instagram followers for suggestions.

Here are my top picks for Baby Moons if you live on the East Coast. Of course if you live in the middle of the Country of California, you also have Hawaii as an option which feels very far away living in New England. No baby, take me there but I don’t feel comfortable asking a family member to watch Tommy for an extended period of time.

After shooting this video, I think we have decided to wait until April and go to Bermuda. Hopefully it’s warm enough to lay by the beach but Nick and I can’t sit still for very long. If you have a favorite resort with good gym options but also other things to do like transportation into town or adventures and GOOD food, let me know!

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