Contest: Snacking Elevated – Transform Your Break Room

I’ve partnered with barkTHINS today to share a fun opportunity with you guys.

First, barkThins are delicious Fair-Trade ingredient certified dark chocolate combined with non-GMO project verified ingredients like almonds, pretzels, toasted coconut and pumpkin seeds. Since I crave chocolate most hours of the day, it’s perfect for a little “something sweet” after a meal or afternoon energy hit. They are a delicious, sweet and salty anytime, anywhere snack. Obviously, moderation is key.

barkTHINS almond

I’m obsessed with peppermint bark during the holidays so this is like a thinner version, for all seasons, made with ingredients you can feel confident eating.

Here is the deal…

The snacks are packed and they’re hitting the road, traveling to 11 cities across the USA. barkTHINS wants to transform one boring, lackluster company break room into a fun, snack-filled space complete with barkTHINS and other exciting elevated snack and beverage options. They will also be surprising and delighting barkTHINS fans in each city by making your next commute, local event or grocery shopping trip anything but ordinary.

BarkTHINS Mint

This will be taking place in BOSTON from June 15-24th so get on this now! The mobile tour is national though so check the map to see if they will be visiting your city.

Think your break room could use a makeover? Visit the official contest site here and click your city on the map, or enter your work zip code to be directed to the entry page. Follow the tour and share your #snackingelevated moments with the world on social.

Anyone remember a few years ago when I entered a random Virgin Australia social contest and was delivered cupcakes by Melissa (from New York, what!???) and a Lululemon yoga mat at my shared office space? Embarrassing but awesome. Point of the story? Enter the contest for a chance to add some life to your office and win other cool prizes.

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