SNOWMYGAWD – Juno the Blizzard of 2015

I felt like it was Christmas Eve last night because I was so excited to wake up this morning and see how much snow had fallen. The total did not disappoint or thwart my efforts to workout. Yes. You read that correct. I woke up right at 8am despite everything in town being closed. There was a travel ban on the roads and even our public transit was shut down which meant the only places you could go had to be in walking distance. Luckily, Recycle Studio had a couple pop up classes for those who dared to venture outside – one at 9:30 am on Newbury Street.

IMG 0195

I wore my ski outfit with goggles for the 1 mile walk to the Boston Common studio. The class was led by my fellow Barry’s Bootcamp instructor Emily. Her classes are always super challenging so I knew the adventure would be worth it. I also planned to bring my GoPro and take some shots for the YouTube channel.

To my surprise, the class was almost totally sold out! We all looked like we could be heading out for an apres ski party after class.

IMG 0197

On my way home, I whipped out my GoPro for a little video footage. The streets were empty, the shops were all closed and it looked like everyone listened to the mayor and stayed at home except for some dog walkers, groups of students taking selfies and crazy people like me. A few hotel restaurants looked open and so was Pret but no Starbucks!

Screen Shot 2015 01 27 at 2 09 52 PM

The snow drift on the streets of Back Bay were really tall but most of the sidewalks were shoveled so they will be fine tomorrow. Of course all the kids who have the day off were sledding in a nearby park. For all the California and Southern people reading this, many of us New Englanders love snow days. Sure it can be dangerous, but for most oit reminds us of our childhood and gives us a day to relax and do nothing because everything is shut down.

Screen Shot 2015 01 27 at 2 11 15 PM

The storm also makes me kind of love living in a City. No tourists, just city dwellers since you can’t drive anywhere and if you’re not from here, you probably are staying inside! My sister-in-law who is from and lives in LA sent me this text message below after seeing that I went spinning this morning. My sister Mary clarified for her that I’m not the norm…

IMG 0198

What are you doing on this snow day/funday?

My class at Burn Fitness Studios in the South End is still ON! Recycle has a few classes as well this evening at the South End and Boston Common studio. I think Handle Bar Southie has a class as well this afternoon. There are a few studios open who have employees that live nearby!

**NEW VIDEO** – 7 Ways to Make Running In The Winter Suck Less!

Warning… the video above is part ridiculous, part helpful and very funny. Enjoy!

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