New Sarah Fit Muscle Tanks

I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and see how much or how little snow we have gotten here in Boston. My class at Barry’s Bootcamp was cancelled earlier and our public transportation has been shut down for tomorrow! It’s hard to believe that just 1 week ago I was in Los Angeles with 70+ degree sunny days.


I’ve been working since November on getting some Sarah Fit muscle Tanks that were flattering and functional featuring my adorable jump rope nautical logo. I love higher neck lines when I work out because they are more flattering for my chest – but most workout tanks are low and very tight! The yellow gold is a limited edition color for this winter and will only be available for a short time. The sleeve holes are slightly larger than normal, showing off whatever cute sports bra you are wearing. The back is slightly longer than the front as well for modest booty coverage. The fabric is very soft, comfy and flattering. I just love the texture.

IMG 0186

I am wearing a size medium in the photo above. They are available in small, medium and large.

I’m rewarding early birds by giving you guys $5 until February 1st! Get yours for $25 today before they go up to $30. You can order through PayPal by selecting your size below and clicking “Add to Cart.”


My brother is helping me with the endeavor as he is the tank/t-shirt expert. He has his own line of New England Patriots T-Shirts that he sells through his own football blog, PatsPropaganda, which has been featured on Deadspin, Bleacher Report, Boston.com, SI.com, and every other sports website. Don’t worry when you check out, you’ll see his email instead of mine.

IMG 0193

Working from home tomorrow?

I have a video coming out tomorrow featuring my 7 favorite protein bars so make sure to check out my YouTube channel tomorrow when you are stuck indoors from Juno the Blizzard – if you live on the East Coast!

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