Stitch Fix Review: A $20 Home Delivery Personal Shopper

I signed up for Stitch Fix in September and finally got my first box earlier this month. This review is not paid, I was not asked to sign up and I have no affiliation to Stitch Fix. Being on camera frequently, I need a decent sized wardrobe for my videos but hate shopping. I like to “shop” but rarely purchase anything because I hate trying on clothes and waiting in line for the changing room. I also am pretty good about only buying this I need rather than I want. That being said, I need new clothes to wear on top for videos and going out to dinner.

What is Stitch Fix?

You sign up and take a style quiz that is pretty thorough. I identified myself as classic, preppy and comfortable. I said I wanted items to wear in videos, a medium price point and what my sizes are. My stylist then put together some items she thought I would like within the parameters that I gave. My box showed up about 3 weeks later. You only pay $20 that is the “stylist fee” and if you keep any of the clothes, the fee goes towards your items purchased. If you buy every item, you also get 25% off which would have been a total of $88.50 off my package!

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My box finally came after much anticipation. I opened it immediately and was underwhelmed at first and tweeted out that I was disappointed. After sitting on the items, I realized 3 out of the 5 were totally my style, I just don’t need them. I got a pair of skinny jeans by Kenzie which I loved and almost kept. They were $88 and so soft. The size 6 fit me perfectly and I really liked them but I just don’t need another pair of skinny jeans. I would be lying if I said I’m not looking for a cheap pair at Old Navy in this color though.


Every item comes with a style card that suggests styling. I love these and took pictures to use for my own wardrobe. This is valuable on it’s own for me, thank you Stitch Fix!


When the box came, I knew I wanted to keep at least one item to make my $20 feel well spent. This dress was the first thing that caught my eye. By a brand called Hazel, I had never heard of it before. It was priced at $78 and fit well. I tried googling the brand and found very little besides they are a small CA label that is carried at small boutiques.


I decided to keep this dress to wear to the rehearsal dinner in Philadelphia last week. I wore it with tights because it is a little short on but got a few complements that turned into my pitching Stitch Fix to the bridesmaids.

IMG 5251


I also really loved this comfy warp that was by Renee C, another designer I had never heard of. It was $58 to keep and I really wanted to but I own a similar style top from Oakley. I think I would have lived in it if I kept and slightly regret not doing so but I just don’t “need” it and the striped would not have looked great on camera so I couldn’t even justify if for work.

One of the items I did not like was this necklace by Bay to Baubles. It was $32 and to be honest, I just don’t think I have the wardrobe to pull off extra long necklaces. There was no card with it but I just look silly in this kind of accessory. P1010092

The only clothing item I did not like was a Tart dress that my stylist thought would be perfect for my videos. This type of style is just not flattering on my hourglass figure and I hate cut outs. The color is great and I actually own a Tart dress in this color but it’s a wrap dress that I wore in my “How I Lost The Last 10 lbs” video. Tart is a brand I like, but this dress just looked super frump’ on my body and was $118. I would’ve kept the belt if it was an option though!



Over all, I was really happy with my box despite my initial frustration at getting no tops to wear in my videos, which is what I specified. Stitch Fix tweeted back to me and volunteered to cover my next styling fee if I wanted to give it another try which I was not expecting. You can get a box every month or skip a month whenever you want. You have no obligation to keep anything, they just keep the $20. You send back what you don’t want in a bag they give you with prepaid postage within three days of receiving the box.

I love the box idea that you only keep what you want. StitchFix also suggested creating a pin board that consisted of “my style” and items I like so my stylist can better select pieces. I also found it interesting that many of the brands are not available to purchase online. I like this because I find these to be the more affordable items that I love in boutiques on Newbury Street. If you would like to give Stitch Fix a try, you can check it out here.

Disclaimer: I did use a referral link in this post but if you like Stitch Fix, you can do the same when you share your thoughts on your blog or with friends. This post was not sponsored and I was not contracted by Stitch Fix at all until my tired tweet. 

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