Binge eating is such a touchy subject. No one wants to admit it or talk about it. It’s a taboo that most people prefer to avoid, unless you are Andie Mitchell – whose book It Was Me All Along: A Memoir is on fire right now. I met Andie in Hilton Head this year and could not have been more blown away by her kindness, charm or wit.

While Andie talks about one way people binge in a very unhealthy way and how she overcame it to lose 135 lbs, binging doesn’t just effect people who are overweight.

Can you have just one?

When a person with no food issues “binges” in a sitting, they know they over ate but don’t think of it as binging – they just say, “Oops. I ate too much.” i.e. when your boyfriend eats the whole bag of Cape Cod chips at the beach. When someone with an unhealthy relationship with food binges no matter if it is once or 7 times a week, they feel a profound amount of guilt. They hate themselves, they regret their actions and may either say “F- it! I might as well eat whatever for the rest of the day” or restrict themselves the rest of the day as punishment starting a vicious cycle.

It doesn’t have to be “bad” food either. Granola, trail mix, froyo, and nut butters are all considered healthy but many of us have gone overboard more than once. I know this because I’ve been there and you’ve told me.

I wanted you guys and myself to start 2015 with realistic and positive intentions. If some of the things I shared here resonate with your behavior, watch my newest video on how to stop binging in 2015. This is a no judgement zone. The tips are not cliché but refreshing, I think. They work for me and I think they will work for you. If you screw up, you know what? Who cares. Every day is an opportunity to start fresh.

The binging I talk about in my video is not the same kind Andie talks about in her memoir. I think there is a place for both but just because you are not overweight doesn’t mean you don’t struggle too.

As always, share your own personal tips below 🙂

Stop Binge Eating in 2015!

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  • Ashley @ A Lady Goes West

    I’m glad you shared this! I think we all have those can’t-stop-eating moments. I definitely try to choose single-serve items for things that I know I love, so I can’t go overboard. You are so right about willpower being a muscle. 🙂

  • Lauren @ The Bikini Experiment

    Will power is a muscle. I think often times as people embrace health living more they are less enticed by junk food because of how it makes us all feel. It’s easy to go overboard on “health” food too so being mindful there is important too.

  • Daisy @ Fit Wanderlust Runner

    I notice I’ll binge when emotional. I find comfort in food and it’s tough to stop. For example my husband knows that when I am having a bad day I’ll jet to the store and get some red licorice, chilli cheese fritos, sour cream, etc… I eat until I am sick to my stomach. I haven’t done that in awhile but its still a struggle.

  • Cara Callahan

    Hi Sarah,
    This is a tough subject because binge eating is a type of eating disorder that is not easy to treat. In addition to your tips, are there some resources you can offer your viewers on where to get help?
    Thanks, Cara

  • Cara Callahan

    Occupying my time with other things helps me, too. Reading books, going for walks, playing with pets are a few of my go-tos. It helps me to make sure I do eat regular, healthy meals but also not focusing on it too much. Balance is key for me. Thanks for your support & suggestions Sarah:) I am currently working on a project for NU & looking for LISCW, BED professionals in the area who can help.

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