Stroller Bootcamp with Jennifer Phelan Review

Today’ blog post is about one of my favorite mom and baby workout classes in Boston. Find more classes like this in the city here. 

I have known Jenn Phelan for almost 10 years. I reached out to her to do Pilates videos with me at Diet.com back in the day. It took another 5 years for us to actually shoot one together! I’ve always been a huge fan.

jenn phelan charlestown monument

She teaches a stroller bootcamp in Charlestown twice a week and I’ve been trying to make it since I got back from the Cape. Finally, the stars aligned and I was able to make it to class.

Yesterday’s class was “small” but still there were about 10 moms. Last Friday, she told me she had 35! This class is held on the green at the Bunker Hill Monument so this must have been almost as entertaining to watch as reading up on the Revolutionary War. You can buy classes through her website.

I drove from the South End and found parking fairly easily for the 11 am Wednesday class. It took me 19 minutes according to Waze to get there. I strolled up to the park and immediately saw the pack of strollers. Naturally we started a few minutes late which is welcome as I arrived right at 11 on the dot. Thank god for Mom Time.

We started class with a lap around the monument walking and then picking up the pace. I just had Connor with me in his car seat and we used our UppaBaby Vista. I wasn’t going that fast that it was a problem but some women did have jogging strollers. You definitely do not need one for this class.

Stroller Bootcamp Charlestown

We added in some walking lunged before setting up near some benches. Jenn told me that they often do arm work on the benches but today’s park ranger insisted we move locations. Each week varies based on how busy the park is and what rangers are on duty. She has a park permit to use the lawn of course but why waste time arguing… we moved to the other side.

The class is broken up from here on out like a Barre class in that you do arms, then thighs/legs, then butt and then into chest and abs. I love this about barre classes.

We did the arms standing free and Jenn is one of the few people who can make your arms burn without weights. We added in some squats here. Babies were not incorporated but we did get to look at their darling faces while we winced.

I would like to note that I prefer NOT to use my baby as a prop to workout. If your baby fusses, Jenn pushes the stroller along or will even give them a bottle as she did earlier this week so mom can workout! Yep, someone brought a 5 week old to class and Jenn gave them a bottle. Multi-tasking pro here, ladies.

I borrowed this idea from Jenn when I taught my own Mommy Bootcamp at Burn after seeing her do this at her Barre Fusion Mommy + Baby class. IMG_0494 2

Ok, so after arms, we went over to a fence and held on for a leg series that reminded me of some of my favorite bar method moves that included a lot of pulsing squats, finishing with chair.

Next, it was time to get down on the ground. You are asked to bring your own mat to class. You again, can leave baby in car seat/stroller or let them hang out on the mat underneath you. We did some donkey kicks, triceps dips, then pushups and finally worked the abs in a classical Pilates style. I left Connor in the car seat the whole time and got in a great workout. IMG_2101

Class was 45 minutes and went by so quickly! My legs are definitely sore today and so is my back (?) but I’m not even sure what we did, maybe the arm series standing up!?

Things to note:

This isn’t just for non-mobile babies! One mom brought along her toddler.

Parking isn’t too bad during the day.

If you are nervous about intensity, you have the option to bring things up or down a notch. It is pretty low impact. In regards to recovering from delivery, the only modifications you need are mainly with running (maybe) and some of the ab work but most of the ab are likely safe and fine to do even if you have a diastasis recti.

Jenn will keep offering this class as long as the weather is nice however, they will be announced via POP UP through her Instagram and email. If you create an account through her website, linked above, you’ll get a notification.

Next week, she has a free class on Tuesday at 11 am in the Seaport Common with Emily Southworth and Booty By Brabants.


Later this month, she is also starting a new Mom + Me Pilates Series at North End Yoga for Mom’s with their children. It’s morphed and no longer just for babies so bring along those toddler if you want. Strollers must be parked outside and will be locked up as a heads up! They also validate parking as well at the studio. Get more details here.

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