Studio Review: EveryBodyFights, Road + Triathlon Class

EveryBodyFights (EBF), formerly known as The Club by George Foreman III, is one of my favorite gyms on ClassPass but alas they do not have child care so I haven’t been in a while. Since the last time I went, they’ve expanded to Watertown and are opening another location in New York soon.

EveryBodyFights Review

I went on a Saturday while Nick could watch the little guy and it felt like madness at first. A class capacity of 75 people is crazy. That is how many people “can fit” into a Train360 circuit. A class includes a 12 station circuit featuring boxing, battle ropes, trx, kettle bells, rowing, cycling, and core. I reviewed it early last year and wanted to try something else so I signed up for the Road + Triathlon class last weekend. They have over 150+ classes offered every week!

EveryBodyFights Studio Seaport

When I arrived, there was a DJ spinning for the packed 9 am Train360 class taking place in the center of the gym. The music was awesome but loud. I do like this class but if you are a beginner, it lacks the personalized attention you need. Even as a “pro,” I would get confused as to what I as supposed to be doing.

There was also a boxing class Bags + Body going on in the corner and another class Body + Booty in the closed off studio that looked equally as packed. My class started at 10 am tucked underneath the upstairs treadmills. The room had a row of treads, bikes and rowers.

Treadmill Bikes EveryBodyFights Review

Taught by a very fit looking instructor named Erin G, we had our own playlist and sound system that was great. I thought we would be competing for sound with the live DJ but he stopped shortly after our class began and sound was no issue. We started on the treadmill. Unlike Barry’s where we give specific speeds, Erin suggest a warm up speed and later a running speed that was challenging to us. We did a few speed increases and then had two hill climbs, maintaining speed and tapping out at a 7 incline. Once we came flat to recover, we sprinted. Incline increases were every 45-60 seconds.

I was running on the tread for about 18 minutes total. It went by fast though! We were given ample opportunity to pick up our paces to challenge ourselves. As a Barry’s instructor, I knew what speeds would be easy and hard. I opted for the faster of the two but didn’t attempt any double digits as it was my first speed workout since Tommy.

Next we moved on to the bikes. Wearing just our sneakers, we did some intervals standing and seated. They were based on time and not to the beat of the music. Erin I don’t think is a spin instructor but is a triathlete. For the 10ish minutes we rode the bike, the sequencing was challenging enough so have me sweating my butt off and really regretting not bringing a water to class. Again, you had the chance to cheat and use no resistance or you could challenge yourself and add on more. I chose in the middle as I was dying from the treads. red face selfie

Lastly, we headed over to the rowers. We rowed for 200 meters as fast as we could then did 5 burpees, then 100m followed by 5 burpees again and another 100 meter row with burpees again, rest. Repeat… I think. I was a little lost on the instructions as I ran out to see if I could get a drink of water but the old water fountain is now a filtered water bottle water station. No luck!

At the end, I was really tired, hot and had a seriously red face. I felt like I got a really good cardio workout without wanting to throw up as I sometimes do at Barry’s.

SMoothie at EBF Review

I was excited to go back to The Club, I mean, EveryBodyFights. One of my favorite things about the studio is that they have a juice and smoothie bar inside. I tried the signature post workout smoothie but honestly didn’t love it. I could chew the kale and it was really watery. They needed to run it through another round in the blender.

I can’t wait to try Eliza’s class Kick It class at the studio as well as one of the Bags + [insert body part here] class that focuses on boxing more than the Train360.

Like any studio, the classes largely depend on the instructors. I usually have pretty good luck which is why I really like this studio. If you have a favorite, let me know down below – class or instructor – so I can be sure to try them out next time!

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