Summer Essentials: Beach Edition

I am a planner so it should come as no surprise I always have a large bag full of goodies when it’s time to hit the beach.  Here are my must haves and recommendations for your weekend excursion at the beach.

Floppy Hat – My recent purchase of a large floppy hat made it official, I’m getting old.  However, I wish someone had told me to wear one when I was younger.  Perhaps if I did, I would not have dark spots on my face from sun damage that I now spend $50 per bottle on lotion to try and fade them.  You can also wear a baseball hat, but the large rim also helps protect your chest and shoulders.

A Good Book or Magazine – The most recent book I completed is called The Island The Island: A Novel by Elin Hildebrand.  It was amazing and I highly recommend reading it if you like girly novels that make you laugh and smile.  It takes place on an island off of Nantucket it focuses of a set of two sisters, one mom, an aunt and 2 single daughters. My favorite magazines right now are Women’s Health, Runners World and Real Simple.

Satisfying Beach Snacks – Although Cape Cod chips are a staple where I go on the weekends, it’s not exactly the safest option.  I bring a bunch of goodies including a salad or sandwich from The Mercantile in Dennis.  I also make sure to throw in some Mini Babybels, fresh fruit like cherries or grapes, and trail mix.  The wax around the Mini Babybels make them an ideal beach best friend keeping them cool.  Of course bringing a cooler is the best option but if you can’t bring one, Mini Babybels are good option.

Sunscreen – Most of my sunscreen is natural without parabens.  The one pictured above obviously isn’t but it’s a good one and affordable.  I like to use at least 15-30 SPF.

Sunglasses with Croakies – What is a croackie you ask?  It’s the pink thing pictured above!  Stop putting your sunglasses on top of your head.  It stretches them out and then they don’t fit.  Put them around your neck instead.

Water or Electrolyte Enhanced Drink – I usually bring a gallon of water to the beach.  Yes, a gallon!  Sure it’s a bit of a workout walking down the beach but it’s important to stay hydrated on hot days.  I like to bring electrolyte beverages as well on super hot days like Gatorades G Series FIT Hydrate bottle.  It has only 20 calories and is super delicious, without artificial sweeteners.

What are your beach must haves?

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