Surviving My First Night Away

Last week, I spent my first night away from Tommy. I attended the CBC Summer House in Nantucket while Nick’s mom stayed with Tommy during the day.

First, I cried saying good bye to my baby. He was so cuddly before I left, like he knew I needed to get in extra love. When I got to the airport, I cried a little again. I was so anxious. All I did was look at pictures on my phone, but all those feelings went away as soon as I arrived on the island.

CBC Summer House

The Summer House invites brands to host events and experiences showcasing their products. Magazine editors, freelance writers and influencers are among those asked to attend for 2 night/3 day adventures.

The first activity was a 13 mile bike ride to the Sankaty Head Lighthouse with Schwinn. I loved the bike that I rode. It was really cute and comfortable. It made the journey enjoyable and much less of a workout than it could have been.

The Debutante and Slik Chik were my favorite styles.

Next, we headed to a cocktail hour with Wonderful Pistachios. Mama took advantage of the vino sans child. We indulged in delicious appetizers made with the pistachios by the pool. I wish I had some of the recipes but one of my favorites was phyllo dough shells with brie, pistachios and pomegranate arils.

Rose All Day

Afterwards, we had a little bit of down time and then headed to Black Eyed Susan’s for dinner. I was getting up early for class at Studio Nantucket so I called it an early night.

I drove one of the fabulous Buick Cascada’s to class with the top down at 6am. Buick was sponsoring a scavenger hunt after breakfast and I took advantage of the wheels.

Buick CascadaThe activity was not a speed challenge but we did have only 90 minutes to complete the challenges. We drove down to Cisco and Jetties beaches and hit up a few spots in town. My team didn’t read the directions fully before we began but I was enjoying the freedom of riding around with the wind whipping at my hair. IMG_3705

Before lunch we chatted with Born footwear and then headed off to lunch with Sabra at Bartlett’s farm. I am obsessed with their new Veggie Fusions guacamole that has 30% less fat. Of course the mango was my favorite flavor.


We met back up with Born at Cisco Brewery, my favorite place in all of Massachusetts.

cisco brewery

A photo posted by Born Footwear (@bornfootwear) on

I love a good comfortable shoe that looks stylish and fell in love with these strappy sandles, perfect for a day drinking break. When the baby is away, momma will play!

After cocktails, we headed back to the house to get ready for a sunset sail around Nantucket Harbor with Miracle Suit. I was scheduled to leave Wednesday night at 8PM and would be missing the Clam Bake dinner. I felt bad leaving Nick with Tommy for 2 nights in a row since he still isn’t into bottles and wakes up at night to nurse.


This also means that during all of my downtime on the trip, I was busy pumping. It takes longer than I imagined and I give all the moms who pump at work more tons of credit. It is harder than it looks and I applaud all of you SO. MUCH. I pumped 4 lbs of milk over the course of the 36 hours I was away.

Sunset sail in ACK

The sunset cruise was a lovely ending to my first night away from Tommy but I couldn’t wait to see his cute little face, at least on the monitor as I would be getting home after bed time. I did miss a few vendors like Vital Proteins so I’m heading back to Nantucket this week for a quick trip WITH Tommy. I can’t wait to show him my favorite island.

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