Take My Audio Classes On The Go

I have an exciting announcement that I’ve been waiting share since this summer. I am joining the amazing team at Move With to bring you my audio classes on the go!

To celebrate, I’m giving away free 30-day trial memberships to try out the service to see if it’s something you like.

Why I chose MoveWith

Since I began YouTube, I’ve wanted to be able to bring my workouts to a more accessible format for doing workouts at the gym or at home. I don’t find it enjoyable to stare at a phone or computer while you workout. Yes, I can get YouTube now on my TV but I prefer to workout at the gym. I work from home. My gym time is my me time and I’d rather not have the distractions I do in our house.

MoveWith is an audio track like a personal trainer in your ear telling you what moves to do next, giving you encouragement and counting down until the next move complete with form descriptions. It’s not just one kind of workout either. They have classes for outdoor running, treadmill, spin, hiit, yoga and strength.

I am excited to be the first pre and post natal strength specialist on the platform. You’ll find my regular workouts as well on my page but we are starting with a prenatal and postnatal series.

What I like about the workouts as well is that you can see what you’re going to be doing! If it looks too hard or too easy, you can pick a different workout! I hated this about Aaptiv. Also, the music is always changing and fresh!

My channel will be live next week with 4 workouts to choose from and I will be uploading a new workout every week.

What happened to SFit?

I’ll do a longer blog post on this separately but was hesitant because I was considering legal action and didn’t want to jeopardize anything but basically I got screwed. There are about 12 workouts that have been filmed and allegedly the footage was “lost.” I was lied to and kept in the dark about the backend and never got any answers. If you signed up for the lifetime membership you should have access to the workouts still on Action House’s platform. I love the workouts and am hoping to bring many of them to MoveWith just audio based. It is probably my biggest regret and failure to date a professional and incredibly embarrassing.

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