Week in Workouts – Thanksigivng 2018

Wow. The last time I blogged, I was sharing an a sleep update. Boy did that go out the window. Connor came down with the croup and we had to start from scratch. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be and we seem to be back on track.

While I have yet to start dieting as I’ve mentioned many times, I am trying to get to back to exercising regularly. In an effort to stay accountable and share how I fit in my workouts, I’m bringing back weekly recaps. Hopefully this encourages you to try something new or move your body even if it’s just for 10 minutes.

  • Sunday – Barry’s Bootcamp
  • Monday – Walk Tommy home from School (2 miles total)
  • Tuesday – Recycle Studio 45 minute Spin
  • Wednesday – Nothing
  • Thursday – THANKSGIVING (Too cold to run outside in Portland, ME so nothing again)
  • Friday – Nothing
  • Saturday – 30 mins on Peloton bike with Robin
  • Sunday – Barry’s Bootcamp
  • Monday – Walk Tommy home from School (2 miles total)
  • Tuesday – 30 minutes on Peloton bike with Emma

Weekends with Barry

I’ve been signing up for class at Barry’s Bootcamp in Back Bay on the weekends as a sort of kick my butt. For the past two Sunday’s, I’ve taken Greg’s total body class. What I like is that it’s only 50 minutes long, the playlist is killer and the class is challenging without feeling like you’re defeated or out of of shape. If you are a beginning, I would definitely recommend his class.

The only negative I have on Barry’s is that it makes me soooo hungry for the rest of the day. I used to teach here and felt the same. It’s funny how my body has changed since giving birth twice but this remains the same.

Spin with the Kids

Again, for the past two weeks, I’ve used Summer Sitters at Recycle Studio. I sign up for the 8:30 class on Tuesdays or Thursdays and put both kiddos in babysitting or just bring Connor on Wednesday’s at 9 am. I went last Tuesday with both boys because I knew I likely wouldn’t be working out Wednesday-Friday since it was the holiday and I’d be up in Maine with FREEZING temps. I signed up despite a rainy morning in the forecast and got our butts there! I would not have gone to the gym had I not signed up.

Time and time again, this is my greatest motivator. SIGN UP FOR THE CLASS!

Peloton at my Gym

A lot of you ask me about the Peloton. We have 5 bikes at our gym, The University Club of Boston. I like using the Peloton because I can do a 30 minute workout whenever I can make it to the gym. I don’t have to worry about signing up or being on time. I enjoy the class style at Recycle more but it’s nice to always have an option. I do not own the bike at home. It’s not worth it for me living in the city but if we moved to the suburbs, I would probably explore the idea more closely.

I did a 30 minute spin workout on Saturday morning after Thanksgiving to try to burn off some of the extra calories I ate and drank over Thanksgiving. I’m trying to get away from so much cardio but it’s harder for me to get motivated for strength/hiit because it’s harder for me. As such, I see results faster when I do more strength/hiit.

Also, I’ve been really overwhelmed with work and Connor is just getting out of the 4 month sleep regression. Cardio helps me destress. It’s not how I lose weight but it helps improve my mood SO much.

For me the key to looking my best is diet and strength training. My goal right now however is to survive this fussy phase with Connor and overload at work which means cardio it is.

By the way, did you see my big announcement on YouTube yesterday? Check it out here.


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