The Best Thing To Ever Happen To My YouTube Channel

I shared a huge announcement yesterday on Facebook and on my YouTube channel… If you haven’t heard, I finally have my own app! 

This project has been in the works since this Spring and I am so excited that it is finally here. This is the best thing that has happened to my YouTube channel because it allows me to properly categorize the videos so that you guys at home can sort through and watch the one you want/need/love with ease. It couldn’t be easier. Huge Thank You to Mary Kate for helping me categorize all 300+ videos! I am working to get the newer videos up there as well.

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Sadly, there is no Android version yet but I’m hoping to have one soon. Since development takes time and money, it will depend on the success of this one.

The app is free to download. Sorting through the YouTube videos is free as is using the community feature which is a place for me and you guys to share all things healthy (and not so healthy) living. Things you love like new foods at the grocery store, dishes at your favorite restaurant, gadgets that help push you in your workouts, healthy travel advice and more. If you have a question, leave it in the community. I will do my best to answer them all and hopefully the other community members will share their knowledge if they can help as well.

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My favorite feature and I think you guys will really love is the exclusive feature. I know my most popular videos are sharing meal plans and foods hauls with affordable recipe and meal planning ideas so I decided to create an updated weekly meal plan under this special feature. It is $0.99 to subscribe for a month and you can cancel at ANY time but what you get is worth so much more in my opinion. There will also be an exclusive video each month. 

Each week, I will add a new meal plan/haul PDF with accompanying podcast explaining the calories, cost, benefits and how to make the recipes. Like my videos, these are going to be super simple, affordable and realistic! None of my recipes will have 15 ingredients like so many do! They will rely on ingredients on hand and ones that are cheap! 

Sarah fit app

These are not your typical Monday-Sunday breakfast, lunch and dinner meal guides. Rather, they will be smaller and easier to follow for example one week, I might share a $40 a grocery haul with breakfast, lunch and dinner between Monday and Friday another might feature 5 vegetarian lunches that cost only $3 each or 3 Paleo dinners that cost $5 a serving. Each week will be different, some more involved that others, but for $0.99 that is kind of a steal in my opinion, right? Since I eat clean but sometimes like a vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, paleo or carb heavy (marathon training), each month will feature a variety of different diets.

The first exclusive meal plan is a $10 a day 1700 calories meal plan, gluten free, dairy free, clean and sugar conscious. There is chicken for dinner and hard boiled eggs in there but if you are a vegan, you can just sub those two out. The rest is vegan. There is also an exclusive bodyweight follow along video!

You can download my app for free here!

Let me know what you think down below or even better – leaving a review on iTunes 🙂 I would be forever grateful!

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