Plus Size and Beginner Workout Video

I have a brand new beginner workout video for you guys. I know many of you are not beginners but many of my viewers on YouTube requested a “Plus Size” and Beginner routine. Now, before you go and get offended saying, “I’m plus size and I can do anything a size 2 can do,” hear me out. 

Plus Size Workout 2

I only titled this video Plus Size because that was what specifically was requested. If someone asked for it, then clearly they are searching for it and could not find it. I have a few plus size clients who find it difficult to do certain moves likes mountain climbers with proper form because of their size and as a result sacrifice form potentially injuring themselves. This workout is also easier on their joints as there are no big jumping movements. 

This workout can be modified to make it harder very easily. 

Click the image above to watch or view it below. 

This workout is shot in real time if you want to follow along for the support and motivation. Here is the workout below if you want to do it on your own with loud music like me.  

Warm Up 3-5 minutes on your own by marching in place, really swing your arms to make it a total body exercise.

Plus Size/Beginner Circuit 

Time: 12 minutes   Level: Beginner 

What you’ll need: A timer (you can use a free app on your phone or a gymboss like me), set of medium weights optional

  • 30 seconds Forearm Plank
  • 1 minute Wall Push Ups
  • 1 minute Step Ups (Left Leg)
  • 1 minute Step Ups (Right Leg)

Rest 30 seconds. Repeat 3 times. 

If these moves are new to you, watch the video for proper form and instructions. My plank form kinda sucks in the video because I didn’t have a mirror and it’s hard to make sure you form a straight line from your ankles to your shoulders without one! 

As you get stronger, you can add time to the forearm plank, take your pushups to the floor, add more weight to the step ups. Everyone starts somewhere and there is no shame in where you are right now. Make it a priority to reach one of the more advanced options within 2 weeks. Try doing this routine 3 times a week for the next 2 and then see how you have improved by trying one of the harder modifications. 

Heck, if you are advanced and supposed to take a rest day and but can’t seem to sit still, this is even a good workout. I’m training for a marathon and it had me seriously out of breath by the end. 

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