The Boston Book Festival with The MEFA U.Fund College Investing Plan

Fall in New England is the best season. The weather is just perfect, who doesn’t love a PSL and there seems to be so much to do every weekend in the city.

One of our favorite events of the season is the Boston Book Festival, formerly Hubbub Fest. Last year it was held in June but this year, they moved it to Halloween weekend.

Book Festival Boston October

Before our Halloween brunch on Saturday, we stopped by to check out the live music, storytelling, art projects, book signings, and exhibitor tents around Copley square.

Our first stop was the U.Fund Dreams Tour with MEFA and Fidelity. We loved this tent last year, and this year we got to take fun pictures in the photo booth and pose behind little kid cut outs.

Book Festival

Tommy Fidelity Tent

Tommy loves trucks rights now, so I tried to get him to pose behind the construction worker but he liked the teacher with glasses better. Whatever he wants to be, I want to be supportive and give him the opportunities he needs to succeed, especially if that means going to college.

MEFA Fidelity Book Festival Boston

The tent shared information on how much college likely will cost in the future, which is always a scary thought and even scarier to see the total. For Tommy, a New England private 4 year school is predicted to cost $114,113 his freshman year and $128,362 by senior year! You can see how much college will cost when your little one is of age here.

We took home bookmarks and our pictures but not before playing the reach for the stars game.

This exhibit was promoting the Massachusetts 529 plan, the MEFA U.Fund College Investing Plan which is a tax-advantaged college investment plan, managed by Fidelity.

MEFA Fidelity Book Festival

Learn more about the U.Fund College Investing Plan here.

We have a 529 for Tommy and add money to it each month. Looking at preschools in the city, the importance of saving for education early is not lost on our family and while it really doesn’t matter where T goes to school when he’s 3, it does make an impact later in life. We want him to have every opportunity possible so that’s why we have made it a priority to save for his college now.

To start a U.Fund College Investing Plan today, visit Fidelity.com today.

What is your favorite fall event in the city?

This post is sponsored by Fidelity and MEFA. All opinions are my own. 

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