The Day Julian Edelman Delivered My Peapod Groceries

Did you guys see who came by to drop off our Peapod by Stop & Shop groceries last Friday?

Yep. It was none other than Super Bowl LIII MVP Julian Edelman. 

You’re probably wondering, whaaaaaat???? How??? So here’s how it went down. 

I’ve been an avid Stop & Shop shopper for years. It’s our go-to grocery store on the Cape. After Connor was born, I lived with my mom on the Cape since it was July and why not? 

I starting using Peapod to get my groceries delivered because who wants to go grocery shopping with a toddler or a newborn, let alone both!? I love grocery shopping in person, but Peapod has so many shortcuts I love: Express Shop lets you quickly locate the ingredient for a specific recipe or meal plan; Order Genius will auto-fill your shopping cart based on your purchase habits; and finally, you can sort or filter though products via a variety of categories – from what’s on sale to nutritional features like organic, low-sugar, vegetarian, etc., all of which helps streamline the shopping process. I’ve used other online grocery shopping services and I end up spending MORE time trying to find my products than I would if I just went to the grocery store. Peapod is the most time efficient for my family’s needs and I get to easily see what is currently on sale. 

Last week, Peapod and Stop & Shop teamed up with a couple of Patriots players to surprise a few lucky shoppers. Gronk surprised a handful of customers in Malden and Jules surprised a few of us city folk! 

I was first approached for a campaign with Peapod to talk about my love for their delivery service as it’s how we survive in the summer. We planned a delivery with the boys this past Friday afternoon to get some good shots of the food being delivered.

Luckily with the timing, Tommy was home from school and Connor wasn’t taking a nap lol. 

So here we are on a Friday afternoon waiting outside to capture some photos to share with you all when our Peapod delivery rolls up with none other than Julian Edelman to deliver our groceries! 

He could not have been kinder. He shook my hand, was so cute with Tommy and Connor, brought my groceries up to our apartment, posed for photos and signed a few footballs for the boys and my nephews.

Julian brought our weekend groceries for a trip we were making to Maine for the weekend along with a few summer essentials from the P&G family. You can never have enough napkins or paper towels for a summer BBQ.  

Ok, so this was one of the coolest partnerships I’ve done and it’s all because of Peapod. 

Peapod has no required membership fee. There is a delivery fee that ranges from $6.95-$9.95. They do have an optional subscription service called PodPass which gives subscribers unlimited free delivery and pick-up for one low price with 3 month, 6 month and 12 month options. 

Interested in trying it out? Get $30 off your first order using code Peapod30.*

I’ve been a long-time shopper at Stop & Shop. They have so many products I can’t get at other grocery stores within walking distance so having them delivered right to my door saves me time and energy. I also love online shopping for my groceries because it saves me money and keeps me away from most impulse buys. You can see how much you’re spending as you go and if you forget an item last minute, you don’t have to frantically run through the store as your items are being rung up! 

Place your first order today – http://bit.ly/2ReFI63

This post is sponsored by Peapod by Stop & Shop. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

*Restrictions Apply. Minimum purchase required. See peapod.com for details.

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