The Future of Sarah Fit…

I have an official announcement today regarding the future of my YouTube channel (and blog too I guess).

I never planned to become a Mommy Blog. I am not planning to become a Mommy Blog. However, I enjoy sharing my motherhood journey here with all of you.

Prior to becoming a full time social media gal, I used to use the internet to find great workouts, look up new moves, get recipes and inspiration. I still use it for those reasons but now I’m more often reading about what the best beach umbrella is for a baby, what foods are the most common for choking, how to sleep train, should I sleep train?!

I’ve been searching baby products and questions about breastfeeding. Motherhood is a role that you cannot prepare for but learn as you go along. When I first started making YouTube videos in 2006, there were no manuals or classes. I joke that everything I learned, I learned through Google, trial and error.

Now that I am a mom, I feel like things are the same. You have a problem? You go to Google or ask a friend who has been there (or doctor). I want to talk about what I’m passionate about. I like sharing my rookie mistakes and sometimes my triumphs. I still love to workout and have made it a priority (my diet is another thing).

On my YouTube channel, you will now find Lifestyle videos uploaded on Tuesdays. Those are going to be my mommy videos, hauls, adventures and more.

On Thursday, I am going to continue uploading fitness and health videos. You will find fitness videos, healthy recipes and weight loss tip like advice. Some of the recipes are good for mom and non moms. For example, I have a new healthy breakfast video for Thursday that features 5 breakfasts that are quiet and quick to make. Quiet is important if baby is sleeping and quick is important is baby is awake. If you have roommates, quiet is important if they sleep later and quick, if you have a job or class to go to. Get it?

Here on the blog, I’ll have a mix of both as I have been doing for the past year.

Lastly, there has been a lot of “blog chit chat” about our world and how bloggers make money. I’ve been really lucky to work with brands I love and have been using for years before being approached to work together. However, with Tommy, I was nervous these deals would stop as they are how I earn a living and am able to stay at home with him and contribute to our family finances. It got hard to say no to a paycheck with the mounting medical bills. As a contractor, you never know when your next campaign will come along. I realize that my content has been saturated with this type of content lately.

Moving forward, I’m hoping to reduce the amount of sponsored videos and posts that I take on so that I have the time to create more original content that interests me. There is nothing wrong with working with brands you believe in, in my opinion, but this is just something that I want to do for me even if it means taking a big pay cut.

I am continuing to work with the SFit Gym and training clients there. It landed me the honor of Boston Magazine’s Boston’s Best Personal Trainer this year! They recently switched servers that hosted the videos so they were offline for awhile and I apologize. I created the workouts (which as killer and I love) but I do not manage the back end. We still haven’t even uploaded all the videos we shot! Once those have been released we will shoot more.

If you have any questions you want answered in an upcoming post, please leave your suggestions below!


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