What I Wish I Did Before I Got Pregnant

New Chapter provided me with free product for my review.

I sometimes find myself looking at social media wishing I had taken advantage of my freedom before Tommy. I don’t wish I could go back ever, Tommy is the best thing that happened to me, but I do wish someone had told me to do the following before getting pregnant.

Travel to places that require layovers

I love to travel. All the really cool destinations require layovers. I didn’t always have the cash to travel but I tried to see as much of the world as possible. There are so many more places I would love to see. Now when I look at destinations, I look at where I can go on a direct flight that’s affordable.


Layovers with kids seem miserable and traveling without them seems so far away. We did find out we were expecting Tommy in Budapest but who knows when I’ll be back across the pond.

Take Prenatal Vitamins.

You are actually supposed to take prenatal vitamins before you are pregnant. I did not know this and felt embarrassed at my first doctor appointment.


As soon as I learned I was expecting, I researched vitamins online and purchased a bottle of New Chapter Perfect Prenatal™ multivitamin from Vitacost based on reviews. They are fermented with whole foods and probiotics, and made with certified organic vegetables and herbs. They are also gentle to take, even on an empty stomach.

They are expertly formulated to nourish moms-to-be to support not only a healthy pregnancy, but healthy fetal development*. I also love that the B vitamins it includes help your body naturally produce energy*.

Go out to dinner often!

Nick and I were trying to cut back on expenses to save money for traveling so we didn’t eat out often for dinner. Now, I wish we had gone out more! There are so many restaurants I’d love to visit but factoring in now the cost of a babysitter, it gets pricey quick! We can’t bring Tommy anymore because he goes to sleep at 7pm. Lunch I guess is where it’s at for now.

Organize, de-clutter and decorate my home.

Ok, so this one wasn’t my fault because we moved when I was 37 weeks pregnant BUT even at our other place I hadn’t fully de-cluttered our home. From being lethargic and nauseous to having a crazy work schedule, the last thing I wanted to do when I had free time was sort through piles of samples (thanks Birchbox) that were taking up precious real estate or go through my drawers to figure out what items hadn’t been worn in years. Who am I kidding? I probably will never be on top of this one.

Refine hobbies by taking adult education classes.

I used to always read the Boston Center for Adult Education class directory and want to take 4 or 5 classes each season. I signed up for a couple but that was it. I still wish I knew how to take better pictures or use Photoshop but finding the time now seems nearly impossible.

New Chapter Giveaway

As part of my partnership with New Chapter, I’m giving away a bottle of New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Multivitamins to 3 lucky winners. To enter, please leave a note in the comment section about things you wish you did before pregnancy. I will randomly select three winners by July 1st at 9am.

New Chapter Prenatal Vitamins

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What I Wish I Did Before I Got Pregnant

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  • Danielle

    I am trying to get pregnant now, and I would love to try the NewChapter Prenatal vitamins! I could use something that is easier on my stomach than my current vitamin.

  • shri

    1. I have travelled a lot before getting pregnant. But I wish I would have travelled to more countries (can never get satisfied) and not go crazy about saving money. Travelling is always fun(ofcourse without breaking your bank :D)!!!

    2. I wish I had started doing yoga before I got pregnant. I used to do pilates, strength training but I fell in love with yoga after I became pregnant.

    3. Spent lot of couple time , but I still feel I needed some more couple time (Maybe anxiety of starting a new different chapter in my life )

  • Johanna D

    1. Finished painting the rooms in our house. Now I have no idea when we will finish!
    2. Not gain 10 lbs during wedding season. I went to 6 weddings in 2 months right before getting pregnant. Between the food, traveling and alcohol, I gained 10 lbs right before getting pregnant. Losing those lbs on top of my pregnancy gain will be tough.
    3. Travelled more with my husband. We only got in 1 big trip as a married couple. I wish we had that YOLO mentality and travelled a bit more.

  • Cait

    Before I had my 17 month old son I wish I had been more flexible and spontaneous. I followed a fairly regimented diet and would only go to dinner planned in advance. I’m much more laid back now, but now we can’t be spontaneous with a 17 month old! I wish I would have gone out to dinner more and enjoyed a glass of wine or two before I had him. We are going to try for #2 after our Cape vacation, so this summer I’m being as relaxed and fun as I can be before we have (hopefully) two kids. I would love to try these prenatal vitamins!

  • Brittany

    I wish we had gotten a dog before having kids -- a puppy and a newborn was probably not the smartest choice!

  • Amanda

    I haven’t had a baby yet, but my husband and I have been married three years. It seems as though the topic come up more and more these days. We moved away from family after we got married which I think was good for us as individuals and as a couple. However, I cannot imagine having a baby so far away from our families. So one of the top things I want to do before we have kids is more closer to our families. We are also planing a trip to Europe next year. And good to new about starting pre-natals before pregnancies. I had no idea.

  • Elizabeth

    Travel is something a lot of my friends have mentioned doing! My husband and I need to step up our vacation plans this year.

  • Sara @ saralouyoga

    Girl, these are all things that I think about, too. I’m not planning on having a baby yet but I am aware of how much will change…thanks for the reminders to “live it up!” so to speak… 🙂

  • Lauren S

    Our first pregnancy was unexpected, hello honeymoon baby:) so there are a few things I would have done before becoming pregnant.

    1. Researched OB/GYNs that were right for me, not just the one I had in my 20s to get my yearly exam. Pregnancy and delivery are so personal that I really wanted someone who I “clicked” with. Thankfully, I found that around my 18th week and switched doctors.
    2. Like everyone else, traveled more!

  • Jennifer

    Oh man! Traveling and going out to dinner top my list too. I would also add more adventurous outdoor things. Like hiking, kayaking, surfing. This is so childish but I’d also love to go to Defy Gravity (a trampoline park in Durham, NC) one more time. And perhaps….Botox! 🙂

  • Maggie L

    I wish I appreciated my alone time with my husband more. I wish we went out to eat and to the movies and more frequent date nights. It’s now difficult to give one another special attention with a 9 week old.

  • Liz

    Sarah, you are the sweetest person on YouTube! So truthful knowledgeable and down to earth, not to mention you were the cutest fitest pregnant momma! I can’t wait to conceive and follow your pregnancy videos again! Send me so pregnancy luck! Xox

  • Elisabeth

    We are going to start trying for baby #1 in a couple of months and have heard to start taking prenatals early. Honestly, the options out there are slightly overwhelming as to which is the best to take. Currently, I’m just taking cheap-o gummy ones that I don’t think is making much of a difference. I would love the opportunity to try these New Chapter ones! Thanks for the recommendation and giveaway my fellow Bostonian!

  • Viviana

    I’m not planning to have a baby this very moment but it’s been on my mind. I’m divorced and in a wonderful new relationship but it’s only been a year and a half. We are both in our early 30s and aware of how it might take a while to get pregnant so I have been taking prenatal vitamins for a long time now.it’s something that my regular doctor has always told me so I’m prepared on that! Would love to try a new brand as I just ran out of mine. I’ve traveled lots but adding more this year! Not taking anything for granted 🙂

  • Ashley

    What a great post! I haven’t read anything like this as of yet -- so thank you. We aren’t pregnant yet… so this has definitely given me things to consider! With that said, I already feel I wish I had done more research into local resources in advance. I feel every woman has a right to have the pregnancy and birth plan SHE desires; doula, home-birth, midwife, hospital, etc. I am still doing my legwork to find the right plan for me! Thanks again for this post and hope you get to go out for dinner soon! 😉

  • Paige

    What great ideas! I’ve been so focused on just trying to get pregnant again after a miscarriage last year that I’ve forgotten about all of the amazing things I should be taking advantage of. Thanks for the reminder, I definitely will get started on some of these!

  • Jen

    I wish I adopted a puppy so I could’ve had company during those days I couldn’t get out of bed. Plus, now I still want to adopt but can’t fathom a puppy and newborn.

  • Maggie

    I wish we would have completed the updates to our house prior to finding out we were expecting and to take time to do the things we love!

  • zoey

    I wish I had done a deep clean of my apartment before my baby was born. I also wish I had done a major fitness event like a marathon, now doing something like that seems impossible without childcare.

  • Mary

    I’m trying to get pregnant. Thanks for the tips. We’re trying to travel a lot this summer. I’ve loved following your pregnancy and new mom journey 🙂

  • Sarah

    I wish I would have taken more naps! Also I wish I would have gotten more of my other life things in order like house hunting.

  • Ashley Cook

    #1. I wish I had started doing Kegels prior to my pregnancy. I suffered from pubic symphysis separation around month five and it made everything really difficult until I started Kegels and went to rehabilitation to learn more exercises to strengthen my pelvic floor. #2. I wish I had further investigated options with with work’s insurance offerings and started a HSA. #3. Prior to pregnancy, I practiced hot yoga. I had to stop going because of the heat, but I wish I had picked up prenatal yoga to maintain flexibility. I’m at 36.5 weeks now, still running 4 miles daily or spinning, and I need to maintain flexibility. #4. I wish we had moved earlier. Our house just finished being built and it’s difficult (and HOT) to unpack in the Charleston heat! 🙂

  • Amy Stiebel

    we have an almost 2 year old and I wish that we would have spent less time over analyzing every baby purchase and just enjoyed the registering/preparation process a bit more!

  • Brittany L

    My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for some time now and just bought a house. I’m hoping that we get the house decorated and together before I get pregnant. I’d also like to travel more but I think I’ll always want to travel more 🙂

  • Patty

    I definitely agree with you Sarah, especially decluttering before baby. I guess someday we’ll all have time again!

  • Kasondra

    I would love a bottle of those vitamins. I’m 8 weeks pregnant with my second and my current vitamins are aweful and make me sick! I haven’t justified buying new ones since I still have these ones…
    Before having children, I wish I strengthened my pelvic floor! I had bladder control problems during my first pregnancy. I’m now kicking myself for not focusing on it before getting pregnant again.

  • Rebekah Preveau

    I’m not pregnant, nor have I been, but I’m in the phase of life where that time is coming and I’m desperately trying to fit all of these things in:

    1. Go to Europe. Taking a cruise to Mexico and the Bahamas may be international travel, but it’s not the same.
    2. Buy a home! My husband and I are also travelling a lot right now (just got back from Boston on Sunday!) so we’re not eating out a lot like you said, but all of these little trips add up to not having a home as soon as we would like.
    3. It’s hard to think of a third, but you know what? I think that’s a really good thing. It’s good to know I only have two (though major!) things I’d like to accomplish before having kids. I guess read more would be one of them. Not the easy peasy fun books, but more classics. I imagine brain drain from being up early and late with a baby, plus the lack of time does not equal a good environment for War and Peace…

  • Beth

    I’m not pregnant yet, and the list of things I want to do before that happens seems overwhelming….take many more trips, complete many more house projects, and run a few more races!

  • WanTing

    I took pre-natal vitamins as I researched on lineIt took us 2 months to get pregnant and I am grateful for that. I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and cannot wait to meet the baby. We are not going to find out the gender until the last minute!!

  • karla

    I wish I would have spent more time focusing on building my self esteem. It was low before I got pregnant and being a new mom made it tank even more as I constantly feel inadequate.

  • Amy

    Well i am currently trying to get pregnant with my first child…so, i have no wish-i-would-haves, but taking an organic prenatal is top on my list!

  • Tera

    I hadn’t really thought about it because I’ve not been pregnant. I’ve started taking prenatal vitamins but this brand sounds a lot better than what I’m on! This is a great post and ok enjoying reading the comments. Lots of great ideas.

  • Jo

    Wish I had done more research on prenatal vitamins. I’ve switched brands three times now. I’m almost 20 weeks pregnant and still having daily “morning sickness.” It’s got to be the vitamins. I’m definitely going to try this brand!

  • Rachel

    Now that I am pregnant, I can easily say I wish I had focused 100% on fitness before I had gotten pregnant! The first trimester really knocked me on my butt & killed my workout routine, so I gained weight quicker than I would have liked!

  • Melissa

    My husband and I don’t have kids but plan to start as soon as I finish graduate school. Between our busy work schedules and my classes, I definitely wish we could get some traveling in before kids.

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