The Only Newborn Essentials To Surviving The First 2 Weeks

Oddly enough, I didn’t register for half of my newborn essentials. I was so overwhelmed when it came time to register for Tommy. I chose to register for my baby shower at Buy Buy Baby, Amazon and Pottery Barn. The online and in store offerings were honestly too much and I had too many places to go for returns. In hind sight, I think a smaller, local store like Tadpole or Magic Beans would have been better but I was trying to think of my guests and make it easy for them.

Smaller stores only will carry the products they strongly believe are the best. The exception here is that most of the small businesses do not carry Fisher Price, a company I reluctantly have accepted as knowing what they are doing even if their gear is super ugly. They make two of the items in my top 5.

Here are my top 5 newborn essentials that made my life so much easier with a newborn. I’ve included links below to national stores since I know most of you reading this are not in Boston [they are affiliate links, too as a heads up].

Featured in this video:

Rock N Play – http://bit.ly/2bkxTt6
Snugapuppy Swing – http://bit.ly/2bveuU6
Boppy Pillow – http://bit.ly/2bkyFrm
Dohm Sound Machine – http://bit.ly/2bCSudL
– ALSO THIS SHUSHER NOT FEATURED IN VIDEO – I bought this at Tadpole in the South End.

Other Registry Thoughts:

Plan to breastfeed and stay at home?

Avoid unnecessary bottles and expensive pumping accessories.

I bought a bunch of stuff for pumping and wish I had held off. Since I’m with Tommy most of the time and still breastfeeding, he never needs a bottle. I think this is my fault, I could pump and give him bottles but I don’t because I’m lazy and it’s easier to just give him milk from the source.

Other essentials include a good car seat. We love our Chicco KeyFit and UPPAbaby Mesa. You’ll need a stroller that the car seat can clip into as well.

A soft bath sponge was also amazing for taking baths in the beginning.

That’s about all you need really. And clothes, too of course, but really only pjs.


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