Momma Mondays: We’re Teething, Crawling and Eating Solids, 7 Month Update

In an effort to find more organization on this blog of mine, Monday are now dedicated to my mom posts. You’ll find a little bit of work/life balance, a little advice but mainly just me sharing what life is now like with an infant.


Officially 7 months old, Tommy is crawling really well. In fact, this morning he crawled up 7 stairs on his own, of course with a spotter behind him. Since we were in the cape most of July and the beginning of August, our house is yet to be child proofed which is a little unnerving. I hadn’t expected the need to do it so soon.



We also have been feeding Tommy solids. I’m using a mixed approach of baby-led weaning and spoon feeding, because I haven’t had the time to read a book on either method. Tommy seems to enjoy soft chunks of food more than purees so we’ve been giving him avocado, banana, carrots, and sweet potato. As for pouches, his favorites, no lie, have been the Happybaby clearly crafted apple, kale and avocado flavor and a Carrot + Broccoli (which smells disgusting) by Earth’s Best. Of course, I tried to buy the veggie pouches hoping he would like them and he really does like the green ones best. He also likes the Earth’s Best multi-grain cereal in the morning as long as it is warm. I’ll try to mix in a fruit puree sometimes too.

We also have given him mum mums, Plum Organics Little Yums and HappyBaby superfood puffs, all of which he loves. He likes to feed himself and these are easy for him to do that with.


first tooth

Just this last week, I spotted Tommy’s first tooth coming through. He hasn’t been overly fussy yet and I think it did finally break through. His most upset episodes come when driving in the car though. I sat with him in the backseat during our drive home from Portland, Maine last night letting him watch Paw Patrol and Daniel Tiger on my iPhone after he woke up from a nap. It was the only thing that kept him from crying and even then, he still had little outbursts which made me think his teeth were bothering him.

The 2 hour normal drive did take 3 however.

That brings me to another hot topic, TV…

So, I don’t put the TV on at home usually. I’m not an anti screen type person, but I try to use the TV or iPhone when I need a couple of minutes to finish a blog post, take a rest or in a jam like the car situation above. This means, the TV usually comes on at 5pm at our house a couple of days a week. He’ll only watch like 10 minutes, but sitting on the couch with him for those ten minutes are so relaxing for me. It’s like I’m recharging my batteries before the exhausting bed time routine.


We still are not sleeping through the night. Last night he only got up once at 4 but otherwise slept 7 to 7. This is a great night for me. He’s been getting up twice. The good thing is that he goes down pretty quick. I know I need to wean him off of nursing in the night but again, I hate changing routine without knowing the right way to do it and I just don’t have the time to read books right now.

Look at this face though!? How could I not just give him what he wants if it means he’ll let me go back to sleep?

TOmmy and Sophie

Naps are getting longer which is great since he was cat like before with short naps throughout the day. He takes 2 or 3 these days depending on length and can go comfortably 3 hours of being awake before crashing again. He’s taking a 90 minute morning nap right now as I write this!

When he’s awake, he wants to investigate everything and everyone. I call him the welcoming committee because he has to check out all the new people, sounds or objects in the room. He loves to crawl on other children and has taught me to be an annoying mother who is constantly saying, “Gentle” and always ready to remove Tommy from any situation if he gets to grabby.

I think that this month we have probably seen the most changes in Tommy than ever. From verbal to mobile action, it’s just insane what he is now capable of doing compared to the beginning of July.

The biggest change for me is that I can’t do work unless he is sleeping or with a babysitter which I wrote about here, what was I thinking?

His personality is definitely starting to really shine through and it’s so much fun to watch. As of today, he is an easy going, smiley guy who likes to climb, grunt and be outside. I hope this continues!!!

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