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I posted a mini gift guide late last night featuring two of my favorite athletic items that I own. Over the past month, I’ve discovered quite a few new products that I’m obsessed with and wanted to share with you. Some are for you to try to enjoy the holidays without gaining weight and some are for you to buy maybe as a gift for a friend or family member.

Since I travel a bunch and work out of a shared office space, I wear head phones a lot. While I prefer ear buds for my runs, if I’m going to be wearing headphones longer than 2 hours, I prefer a comfortable pair that does not go inside my ear. I love this glamorous Taylor and Layla pairs in gold and rose gold pairs from Frends.

IMG 9932

They look like a fashion accessory instead of an electronic. In addition to their chic style, the produce high quality sound and a comfortable fit for long periods of time.
IMG 9930

The Layla style is a true fashion statement that will add pop to any outfit!

Sadly, I gave up my foam roller when I moved last September. I just didn’t have the space. My IT band was no happy. The kind folks at Kind Runner sent me the Roll Recovery R8 to test out and I was quickly relieved to find a replacement for my foam roller that would fit in my little 650 square foot apartment.

IMG 9923

It feels amazing on my quads, calves, hamstrings and IT band. I’ve used the stick and this thing is way better as it applies pressure without effort. You just have to move it up and down your leg. This little device is life changing for fans of the stick but it is a bit more bulky. You can buy it at Kind Runner.com for the avid athlete in your family who loves a good massage or foam roll. Read more about what the Roll Recovery R8 can do for you.

IMG 9924

The next item I’m loving is not something you would buy for someone else but something to try yourself! Yes you can make chia pudding at home, but I lake the ability to make all the chia seeds equally bulk up and create a pudding like consistency. I don’t know what it is. The Chia Pod comes in a few flavors, vanilla, mango and chocolate, and is delicious. I love the mango personally but all are really good. I like to add a little bit of Living Intentions Hemp Granola that I get in bulk at Whole Foods. The chia pudding is a naturally lower sugar option to greek yogurt for breakfast bowls filled with granola and fruit. It’s also Paleo friendly!
IMG 5538

Don’t worry about the saturated fat percent of your daily value below. It comes from a natural, heart healthy source that is beneficial to your body. Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which have been shown to promote heart health. They are also an excellent source of fiber, antioxidants and protein.

IMG 5540

I have found them at Whole Foods as well as Blue Glass cafe in Boston. You can of course make your own with coconut milk, vanilla bean or blended mango to mimic Chia Pod flavors. For a little crunch I added a few walnuts but not many since there are plenty of Omega-3’s in this cup already.

IMG 5539

Another product i’m loving in my new Roku! I just signed up with iFood.tv to have my videos streamed on your TV if you have one. Now, you can follow along with me on your TV instead of using your lap top! If you already have an internet streaming TV, you’re a lucky duck. I do not so this Roku is life changing. I signed up for Netflix and haven’t stopped watching Sons of Anarchy. I still have my satellite because of a 2 year contract, DirecTV is the worst, but will be getting rid of it soon and just pay for Netflix and Aereo.

IMG 5548

Another food to be on the look out for is The Laughing Cow Smooth Sensations Cream Cheese Spread in Chive and Onion. This stuff is so good and has just 45 calories per wedge. Why did I not have these in college for my scooped out whole wheat everything bagel addiction after a night out of drinking? These are also amazing with just crackers as well or in cauliflower faux mashed potatoes!

IMG 5361

Lastly, this item is sadly photographed after I discovered how good they were. I bought these at the Sherman Oaks Whole Foods while out in LA last month. I love everything Wonderfully Raw makes, especially the Macaroons. I will try anything they make because I have never been let down. The stuff is seriously mind boggling how good it is.

IMG 5353

You probably think the package sounds gross, “Chili Pumpkin Seed Crunch, Brussels-Coconut Snack Mix”… WTF? l died a little inside paying almost $8 for these but I didn’t regret it. Instead of going to Yogurtland, I treated my wallet to this snack and am sad I will not be able to try the other flavors until I return to California or order online. IMG 5354

Check out Coco Roons to order online. I bought these myself and have never been contacted by this brand but if they want to work together, I’m down. They make raw Coco-Roons that I found at MARSHALLS(!?) and bought 4 bags. They were gone sooner than I wish and I’ve been stalking the shelves at the discount store ever since. If you see them, buy them. They are expensive but they are amazing. Better than any bakery macaroon cooked or raw.

What are you loving these days?

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