This 14-Day Reset Will End Those Holiday Sugar Cravings

Yesterday I did something I hadn’t done it a looooooong time. I almost ate an entire sleeve of candy cane cookies. Yep, real “Sarah Fit” of me. With the holidays, even for the healthiest of people, come bad cravings and habits brought on by parties, the cold and baking filled afternoons. While I’m not worried about my weight, I know I can’t sustain a diet consisting of sleeves of cookies, so naturally a reset is in order come the new year. 

What is a reset exactly? For me, it’s a chance to eliminate processed foods, known inflammatory foods, common allergens or foods you may be sensitive to, to feel your best. This might include resetting cravings, reducing bloat, increasing energy, getting better sleep, clearing up your skin or maybe even losing a pound or two, if that’s your goal. 

While I love intermittent fasting, my FASTer way program is a lifestyle change and I acknowledge that not one program works for everyone. I think a huge part of sticking with a program, whether it’s the FASTer way, or a reset is being able to eat foods that taste good. 

I’m obsessed with the seasoning mixes from Tastefully Simple. They can make the simplest dish bursting with flavor without adding calories. I recently tried their 14-day reset program and knew I had to share the details with you guys before the new year. 

It’s a plan designed to empower you to make healthier choices and develop better habits. It’s honestly the perfect way to kick-start your journey to a healthier lifestyle if you haven’t already. The kit includes 14 days’ worth of spices, oils and snacks for you to make breakfast, lunch, dinner and you just add the fresh food like chicken, eggs and vegetables. You’ll be making breakfast and lunch for yourself, but the dinner recipes serve 5-6 so you’ll have plenty for your family, no need to make yourself something separate. 

The meals include lean meat, veggies, some fruit and is grain free, 95% dairy free and is lower in carbs. What I love is that it does NOT include shakes, bars or added sugars or sweeteners. You get a 14-day calendar that tells you what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and two snacks. It also makes it easy to grocery shop for the week and how to plan your meal prep so you’re not living in your kitchen.

Here is one of my favorite breakfast recipes from the plan below. It’s for the Spinach Apricot Breakfast Meatballs. They taste like sausage with a hint of sweetness from the dried apricots. They fit perfect with my intermittent fasting lifestyle. I’d just bring three with me on the go and enjoy around 11:30 am and then sit down for a big lunch salad at 1:30 pm during the reset. 

So, here’s the thing about this plan that differs from my usual eating habits. It’s low carb all week but just for 14 days! Usually I’m a low carb girl 2 days a week but for the reset, it’s low carb for 2 weeks. I can’t believe how lean I felt at the end as I had zero bloat and no longer craved my afternoon cookie visit. 

I do not believe in eating low carb long term but for two weeks after the holidays or vacation, it’s great to re-establish healthy habits lost quick.

My favorite recipes included the Simple Salsa Egg Cups, Spinach and Herb Shrimp over Zoodles, and Balsamic Glazed Salmon, in addition to the breakfast meatballs. Not part of the plan but something I discovered after the reset was how delicious I could make a simple turkey burger by adding the Tastefully Simple™ Garlic Garlic Seasoning as well as the Spinach and Herb seasoning to plain ground turkey. If you buy two of the spices, I highly recommend these two!!!

The dinner recipes were easy and quick to make and tasted delicious. The spice mixes really are so flavorful. The entire program costs $149.99 and really you’re paying for the delicious spices, mixes, oils, vinegar and snacks along with a very specific and detailed 14-day meal plan complete with portion size recommendations. 

I admittedly struggled with the cooking. It was a lot for me given Nick’s travel schedule and putting two kids to bed. I also work out of a co-working space where outside food isn’t allowed making lunch a bit challenging, but I’d just eat it at 2 pm after my nanny leaves for the day. Some of the meals include pork and beef, which I rarely eat inside my home so I opted to swap some of those recipes for chicken or fish. I would not recommend this program to a vegetarian but if you prefer chicken and fish like me, it’s perfectly doable! 

If you are interested, you’re in luck because over on my Instagram, I am giving away one free 14-day reset kit. Just go over and let me know what foods are your weakness. Mine is anything chocolate mint during the holidays. Winner will be chosen by December 24th at 12 pm EST to get started in the New Year! 

For more information, visit TastefullySimple.com

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