Review: Pearl Izumi Vesta Studio Cycling Shoe

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Since I started blogging about fitness ten years ago, I would argue that very little has changed when it comes to workout fashion with a couple of exceptions. We still wear leggings, except now they come much higher. We still wear sports bras but now they need to be pretty enough to wear on their own. Our shirts have also noticeably gotten smaller AND bigger. Crop top and loose muscle tanks are my current favorites.  

One of the biggest changes in my opinion is the evolution of the spin/cycling shoe. When I took my first class at Recycle Studio (RIP), I wore regular sneakers on the spin bike. However, as I became a devotee, I knew I needed my own kicks so off I went to Zappos and bought the style everyone had by Pearl Izumi. Everyone had the same shoes because we all bought indoor cycling studio gear from the cycling experts. After class though we all looked so silly because the shoes were not meant for easy walking, they were for riding! We would all walk around looking like a mix between C3PO and walking in ice skates.

With SoulCycle and Peloton becoming increasingly popular, a new wave of indoor cycling devotees who cared just as much about their workout wardrobe as going out tops, athletic shoe companies began to see an opportunity to revamp the old spin shoe style to accommodate fashion forward clients.

These new spin shoes look like sneakers at first glance but flip them over and there is a special place to clip in to an spd compatible pedal. They combine comfort, functionality and of course style. They fit like a sneaker just made with a hard bottom and some people will walk in them shorter distances if they live close to the studio or drive if the gym has nearby parking. I’ve been lucky to try 3 different brands and today I’m excited to review a new style, the Pearl Izumi Vesta Studio Cycling Shoes. 

Pearl Izumi is like the god father of spin shoes, they are the cycling experts, so they know what they are doing. They applied their years of cycling gear experience and created this whole outfit that pedals with purpose yet can easily transition into a gym workout or the coffee shop.

Personally, I love how the shoe looks. It really is a pretty shoe. It comes in two different colors, but I prefer black these days to match my black leggings

They are easy to put on with just one velcro strap. I have one other pair of cycling shoes that have 3 velcro straps and as silly as it is, I hate that there are so many and takes an extra minute to put them on.

I am a size 8 and bought the size 40 as they come in European sizes. They were very comfortable and fit true to size if not slightly big. I love the recessed clip design in the shoe and unique sole that makes walking in them easy, no more C3PO on ice skates. You do need to add your own clips. You can see here what they look like without them but to use on the bike, you’ll need to buy a set or just move the old hardware onto your new ones. 

I love myself a handsome silver fox with padded bike shorts and short sleeve tight bright colored top but cycling gear has come a long way. My leggings and top are both by Izumi Pearl as well. I love how the wander crop pants have a side pocket for my phone! The leggings were made for indoor cycling and stayed put during my class! That is a mom essential detail. The Wander Top is also meant for indoor cycling but cut more generously that a traditional cycling jersey. I love a high neckline and you can’t see it but there’s a flattering V cut in the back! 

I wore the shoes for a quick 30 minute HIIT ride with Cody and they did not need any breaking in. I found them to be a great fit from the first ride. 

In comparison to my other spin shoes, style wise, these hit the mark 100%. They take less time than the others to put on and are just as if not more comfortable. Given Izumi Pearl has such experience, this isn’t surprising. 

You can buy the Pearl Izumi Vesta Studio Cycling Shoes on Zappos here and also, check out more details on my top and bottom. I’m wearing a size small in both but wish I had gone up to a medium. I’m right in the middle between these two sizes and it’s hard for me to get it right! They look like they fit here and they do but if you’re the same size as me 5’5 140 lbs, I’d get the medium. 

Did I also mention Zappos has such a large selection, 365 day return policy, 24/7 customer service, and free expedited shipping with Zappos rewards?!

It’s hard enough these days to find time to workout each day, getting ready and being comfortable shouldn’t be something you worry about. Go you! 

Review: Pearl Izumi Vesta Studio Cycling Shoe

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