Lean & Strong Simple Total Body Workout

This morning, I woke up early to drive roomie to a golf tournament.  I’ve been trying to follow the TIU Booty Call protocol of not eating before 30 minutes of working out, but since I wasn’t sure how long my errand would take I had a scoop of protein powder mixed with water and almond milk.

I got to the gym about an hour after waking up, so I was glad I had the 100-calorie shake before hand.  Today’s workout was all about pushing myself.  I don’t have pictures to share so if you have questions either google the name of the exercise or leave your question below in the comments.

Start with 5 minutes of light cardio (if you are sore like I was today) followed by some foam rolling and dynamic stretches like The World’s Greatest Stretch.

    • Exercise 1A Kettlebell Swings: 15 reps using 8 KG or 17.6 lbs (Basically lower into a sumo squat swinging kettlebell or dumbbell between legs in the lowest position and swing up towards your shoulders as you squeeze glutes to stand back up)
    • Exercise 1B Plank to Pushup: Start in forearm plank position, push up into high plank position, do 1 push up, lower back into forearm plank.  Repeat 12 times, alternating which arm your push up to high plank first each time.

  • Rest 45 seconds in between exercises.  Repeat 1A and 1B 2x before moving to the next moves.
  • Exercise 2A Dumbbell Step Ups: Holding 2 8 KG Kettlebells or 15 lb dumbbells, do 15 step ups on a 12 inch step.  As you step up onto the step with your left foot, bring your right knee to chest for an added ab exercise.  Step back down.  Complete 15 reps on one side, switch and repeat.
  • Exercise 2B Lat Pull Down: You need a machine at the gym for this one.  Do 15 reps using an appropriate weight. I used 50 lbs.  If you don’t have a lat pull down machine, do single arm rows.  You can see a video of the Lat pull down here.
  • Rest 45 seconds in between exercises. Repeat 2A and 2B 2x before moving to the next moves.
  • Exercise 3A Fire Hydrants: 15 reps, hold the last rep for 5 seconds.  Do 15 forward circles, followed by 15 backward circles.  Repeat on opposite side.  You can watch a video of what a fitness fire hydrant looks like here.
  • Exercise 3B Single leg Bridge: Press up and lower down on one leg, with other extended up towards the sky for 10 reps on each side, hold at the top for 10 seconds on the last rep.  You see a video of the single leg bridge here.
  • Exercise 3C Side Plank: Hold each side for 30 seconds.
  • Exercise 3D Forearm Plank: Hold for 1 minute.
  • Rest 45 seconds in between exercises.  Repeat 1x.

Make sure you stretch afterwards and foam roll to reduce likelihood of being sore tomorrow!

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