Change Is Uncomfortable

Last week, I wrote about the TIU booty call.  Since then, I’ve been trying to workout for 30 minutes right when I wake up without eating my beloved G Series Fit prime bar.  On Saturday (my long run), I ran for 30 minutes.  Ate my prime bar, and ran 30 more minutes. Given the large dinner I ate Friday night at Victor’s in Provincetown, I felt great.  Victor’s is one of my all time favorite places to dine!  It was well worth the indulgence.

Yesterday, I completed my scheduled Energy Systems (ES) training interval workout. My workouts are based on my level of fitness using heart rate (HR) for targets rather than rate of perceived effort (RPE).  I modified the workout below so you can follow along.

ES Urbanathlon Medium Intensity Workout

  • Warm Up: 5 mins    RPE 3-5    (HR 140-160)
  • Interval #1: 2 mins  RPE 8-9  (HR 177-184)
  • Interval #2: 3 mins  RPE 6-7   (HR  170-177)
  • Interval #3: 5 mins   RPE 4-5   (HR 140-160)
  • Repeat Intervals 1-3 three to five times.

What is energy systems training and why isn’t it called just plain cardio?

While it was difficult to get my heart rate up to 177 for the first 20 minutes, I stuck with it and completed my workout.  While it was not fun, I was able to complete the challenge repeating the mantra “Change is Uncomfortable,” to get through it. This may seem like self punishment but if you want your body to change, it’s not going to be comfortable.  Your ability to tolerate pushing your boundaries when you workout, cravings after you know you have had more than enough to eat and will power to resist temptation will determine if you succeed in changing your body’s composition.

When I got back, I had a delicious protein pancake.  I added a splash of almond milk and a few blueberries. 

Why am I pushing myself these days?  I’m currently trying to lose 5 lbs I gained this winter.  I have a *special event* this fall and am determined.


Yesterday, I uploaded a new video.  It’s called Sarah Fit TV Q&A: Episode #2.  Most of the questions I receive are duplicates of previous questions I’ve answered before.  I decided that since so many people have the same question, I might as well create videos answering them!  In the newest video I answer the following burning questions:

If you would like your question to be featured on next weeks’ video, leave one down below!

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