Last week, I wrote about the TIU booty call.  Since then, I’ve been trying to workout for 30 minutes right when I wake up without eating my beloved G Series Fit prime bar.  On Saturday (my long run), I ran for 30 minutes.  Ate my prime bar, and ran 30 more minutes. Given the large dinner I ate Friday night at Victor’s in Provincetown, I felt great.  Victor’s is one of my all time favorite places to dine!  It was well worth the indulgence.

Yesterday, I completed my scheduled Energy Systems (ES) training interval workout. My workouts are based on my level of fitness using heart rate (HR) for targets rather than rate of perceived effort (RPE).  I modified the workout below so you can follow along.

ES Urbanathlon Medium Intensity Workout

  • Warm Up: 5 mins    RPE 3-5    (HR 140-160)
  • Interval #1: 2 mins  RPE 8-9  (HR 177-184)
  • Interval #2: 3 mins  RPE 6-7   (HR  170-177)
  • Interval #3: 5 mins   RPE 4-5   (HR 140-160)
  • Repeat Intervals 1-3 three to five times.

What is energy systems training and why isn’t it called just plain cardio?

While it was difficult to get my heart rate up to 177 for the first 20 minutes, I stuck with it and completed my workout.  While it was not fun, I was able to complete the challenge repeating the mantra “Change is Uncomfortable,” to get through it. This may seem like self punishment but if you want your body to change, it’s not going to be comfortable.  Your ability to tolerate pushing your boundaries when you workout, cravings after you know you have had more than enough to eat and will power to resist temptation will determine if you succeed in changing your body’s composition.

When I got back, I had a delicious protein pancake.  I added a splash of almond milk and a few blueberries. 

Why am I pushing myself these days?  I’m currently trying to lose 5 lbs I gained this winter.  I have a *special event* this fall and am determined.


Yesterday, I uploaded a new video.  It’s called Sarah Fit TV Q&A: Episode #2.  Most of the questions I receive are duplicates of previous questions I’ve answered before.  I decided that since so many people have the same question, I might as well create videos answering them!  In the newest video I answer the following burning questions:

If you would like your question to be featured on next weeks’ video, leave one down below!

Change Is Uncomfortable

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  • Nicole Kohlmier

    Just wanted to send some love…I have been following your blog for a little over a month now and you are truly inspiring! I recently just got the Tone it Up diet plan so I am really hoping to kick it in gear…..only a few pounds to go, but they seem to be the hardest….one month until my wedding so hopefully I can get close! Thanks!!

  • Mary @ Bites and Bliss

    Plateaus are tough to change, but I find mixing it up helps. Actually, what helps me is to sometimes take a break from exercising for a week or so then getting back into it hard. It REALLY shocks your body and muscles!

  • gabriella @ embracement

    I’m definitely gonna try this workout. I’ve been running for about 3 miles every morning when I get up. I’ve noticed I do a lot of walk/run and have to stop and stretch. I think working out first thing would definitely be easier if I had some sort of carb snack before bed or just a larger meal.

  • Brooke

    When you say that you modified the workout for us does that mean that you are just writing it down to follow or that you’ve made it easier?

  • Joshua T

    Hi Sarah!

    As always, I enjoy your posts. I don’t know if this will work for anyone else, but my wife and I follow the Paleo diet and it has worked wonders for us. We don’t look at it as a diet, but as more of a lifestyle change. We feel that the word diet is short term thinking and we want to change our food lifestyle for the long term, rather than for the short term. The Paleo diet has helped us lose weight and feel great. We certainly tell everyone we know about Paleo and we have converted a few people and they can’t believe how much better they feel.

    On plateaus, I usually do HITT workouts to get past that hurdle. I usually follow the Funk Roberts 4 week Spartacus workout plan. It is free, hard, and gives me amazing results!

    Keep up the great work!

  • Karlie

    Hello Sarah, i have really learned alot from your posts and video’s, i’ve had the eat clean diet book for a while now and i like the idea of eating clean but i can’t eat 6 times a day (mainly cause of my job, NO BREAKS can you beleive it! just enough for a snack) anyway i plan on following the eat clean diet and using jillian michaels workouts, she kicks butt!! and i want to lose weight before my boyfreind gets here 😀
    Thanks for being you!! 😉
    by the way what is this newletter of yours? does it just have what you post or video?

    • Sarah

      It features good posts and videos. I send it out like once a month so if you check here every day it wont be anything new but I do sometimes offer exclusive deals and contests through it. 🙂

  • rani

    hey sarah im like 14 yrs old and my weight is 60 kg……im trying to loose it but nothing is helping…pls help me with this… my scool all the girls r like s fit and thin that im shamed of myself nowadays….summer holidays came up..i got time to loose some pls help me with this..i need to get fit be4 the school gets started…

  • Ashley Diez

    “Change is uncomfortable” was going through my head the whole time I did my interval running today, I feel drained lol. I question I have is about when we should or how much we should drink water when we work out? Sometimes I find that if I’m jogging/running and drink water its like I can’t breathe or I feel a gap/emptiness in my stomache and it kind of hurts. So I’m not sure if I’m drinking too much when I’m working out =/
    It seems like a dumb question to ask but maybe others have a similar experience when we start running if we are still beginners at it
    Always thank you very much for your hard work

    • Sarah

      general rule of thumb is 6 oz every 20 minutes but to be honest -- for me, I have 12 oz before I go and usually don’t drink anything else until I get back -- unless it’s really hot out or I’m running longer than 60 minutes.

      • Ashley

        Ohh ok I’ll try doing that. I have noticed that i don’t drink as much water as I used to during my workout but I felt that maybe I was drinking too much or too fast while I was running

  • Ellie@fitforthesoul

    I love to change my workouts every single day and come back to it whenever I feel it’s necessary or if I miss it 🙂 I’m not sure if this is muscle or fat or water! But the past month, my weight has gone up by like, 5 lbs but I feel like I look just the same as before and I believe I’ve been doing my workouts a little bit more differently? But I can’t imagine gaining 5-6 lbs of muscle that quickly, or can I? (I’m 5’1 or 5’2″?) Do you have any ideas regarding this? 😀 Thank you Sarah!

  • Viviana

    Hey Sarah I have a question I am trying to work out in the morning and I know one of my favorite instructors at the gym teaches a spin class at 830 am for 45 minutes.would it be too much to take that class without eating anything before? my problem is more
    making sure I don’t just roll out of bed and go to class, so basically make sure I have time to drink and be hydrated I’m not too worry about not eating but I wanted to hear what you think! is 45 min of cycling on an empty stomach too much of a booty call? lol:D

  • kim

    im trying to lose weight by cardio and diet changes. Should i also be incorporating strength training? i have heard that it is more difficult to lose fat over muscle if you pump up your muscles first…i havent been doing any strength training (squats, lunges, abs, NOTHING) and am seeing minimal results and i feel like im getting flabbier!!! help me sarah!

  • Bit

    Hi Sarah! I have a question for you. Do you eat whole wheat bread ? Because I try not but i wanna some on morning can I get some or rather no? Ohh and not too much only one piece of bread.

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