True Confession of a Girl who likes Booze & Sugar

I am going to be honest now for a quick moment.  I love the summer.  I love going to the beach and having a cocktail or two.  I also love having frozen yogurt after dinner on occasion.  I don’t do it often but yes, I love my sweets.  I don’t use an “all you can eat” license and I eat very clean at least 26 out of 30 meals a week. I know it’s not eating clean 24/7 but I love to workout and I love to eat.  I workout as much as I do so that I can eat and maintain my weight.  Most summers, I gain 5 lbs.  This year, I didn’t gain 5 lbs.  I am normally a happy 130-133 lb female.  Unlike most years, I gained 5 lbs this winter and did not lose it before summer.  I don’t have the personality that is content restricting myself from having what I want.  I’m not an unhealthy weight.  Sure, I’d love to lose 5 lb but if that means giving up my Pinkberry and skinny margaritas, I’m good.  Ok, I’m done.  Sheesh, that felt good.

Yesterday, I mentioned the “all you can eat” license many fitness enthusiasts carry out.  I am a perfect example of why diet is 90% of the equation when it comes to losing weight.  The above is an except from my post today at CTC.  To read more about my follow up visit with Joe at Peak Performance read my post today at Crushing The Course. 







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