When I travel for work, I love to take advantage of what each city has to offer.  I stayed at one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever been to, The Gramercy Park Hotel.  Apparently, they have quite the scene up on their roof top bar and lounge, complete with original Andy Warhol artwork.  Since I was by myself preparing for a fitness test and weighin, I did not feel like spending $18 on a single cocktail. 

My room had this funny lounge area and work table.  I’m not sure what they are called but I enjoyed laying down on the red velvet day bed.  It also apparently came with an iPod that was loaded with music.  I didn’t see it, but thought the idea was cool.

I like to discover what makes a city unique when I travel.  In New York, they have these amazing lunch spots that are all incredibly healthy.  I’m obsessed with the chopped salad shops.  Last time, I visited Just Salad and Fresh & Co.  This time I tried Chop’t and think I found my favorite. 

I started with romaine lettuce and asked for red onion, peppers, beets, roasted tomatoes, avocado, grilled chicken and spa balsamic vinaigrette.  It was delicious!  I love that the dressings are all many with honey or agave nectar.  The line was out the door when we arrived, but we made it through to the register within ten minutes.  They also give you whole wheat pita or tortilla bread which I passed on but looked good. I also tried Tossed this trip and did not like it.  It was gross.

In regard to why I was in NYC, I was doing a follow up visit to Peak Performance.  I’m off to the gym, but let’s just say that I think this facebook post is directed at me.

I usually gain weight in the summer.  I did not.  I did however lose 1 pound of muscle even with all the strength training I’m doing!  It’s funny that in my original post about visiting Joe, I also went to Cupcakes by Melissa.  Joe suggested that the reason for this is that I’m either not eating enough protein or I’m eating too many calories which come from carbs.  If you read my blog regularly, you know I have a sweet tooth and I love my protein.  I think the answer is simple and with that, I’m off to do strength training at the gym.

Do you eat too many calories from carbs thinking that it’s ok because you work out a ton (like me)?


Oops! The “All You Can Eat” License

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  • Lizzy

    Agree with monica!!! I love food (especially cheese)!! I don’t even want to get on the scale!!

    I eat the majority of my calories from cheese but I eat a ton of veggies : )

  • Rori

    I love Joe’s quote! Sarah, have you heard of John Berardi of Precision Nutrition? He just posted some great stuff on the USDA update to the food pyramid which is now a plate. I love his cook book Gourmet Nutrition which gives the nutrient breakdown for all his recipes and he designates them as “Anytime” meals and “Post Workout” meals. It’s really helped me pay attention to when and what kind of nutrients I’m eating--saving those higher carb meals for post workouts and anytime meals being packed with proteins, healthy fats and (some) carbs.

  • gabriella @ embracement

    I work out for health benefits in general. But I always work out so that I can indulge here and there. I think that part of balance is far more important to me and my goals than stressing over summer vacation weight loss/gain. I think the whole picture is tons more important. Granted, you’re training for an event, but I really don’t think that one pound is worth that comment. You are in fabulous shape and I’m sure once summer vacations end it will take you no time to get to where you need to be.

    • Sarah

      thanks gabriella! Yes, I am the same way. I work out hard so that I can “basically” eat what I want. I don’t restrict myself too much because then I go overboard. Thank you for you kind words and yes, I am on my way already 🙂

  • Viviana

    I think the carb war can get a little too intense. In the end I believe that the more you deprive your body of one thing it really craves, the more it will crave it. So small indulgences and moderation has o be the key. But then again, we all work out for different reasons, I am not an athlete I just want to be strong and healthy and toned. Fitness is not part of my job like it is for you so I understand the need to push yourself really hard and watch your diet closely now that you are training for your goal.
    No matter what people say I will still eat my pasta and my pizza and my carbs, in moderation of course, without becoming paranoid and without stuffing myself. Learning how to listen to your body is important! Besides, at least for what I do on a day to day basis, I feel like packing my body with too much protein will eventually become a burden for my kidneys especially because I don’t work out that much to require protein powders and such I think 😀
    I wonder if I see things differently because I am Italian and obviously everyone knows we like our carbs…but I have noticed that America is SO big on meat! I also noticed that the nutritionists/doctors’ guidelines in regards to protein intake are very different in Europe in general as opposed to here.

  • Julia

    If I’m working out a lot I have a bigger appetite, which is okay and expected. The problem comes when I’m not prepared for the bigger appetite and I make my meals too small, then I’m still hungry, and that’s when I reach for a carb-laden sweet treat to fill me up, which of course turns into two sweet treats (you can’t just have one cookie), then three, and then I’ve gone overboard. 🙁

    • Sarah

      me too, me too, me too! Good point Julia. I’m in the same boat, I’m like “Why am I still not full?! I’ll just have a spoonful of peanut butter. That should do it….” 3 later, I stop 🙂

  • CAP

    No offense, but Joe’s comment is rather arrogant. To propose that “fitness professionals” must be lean is asinine? That’s like saying the only good sports coach is an ex-athlete. Quite often, the best teacher is someone who can convey the necessary material in a manner that is easily understood. And it’s the message, not their appearance, that should matter. Furthermore, possessing a lean body does not signify a healthy individual, nor a fitness professional.

    Sarah, increase daily protein intake and drink a protein shake immediately after workout. It’s possible your body may need about 1g-protein per pound of body weight. And don’t worry about carbs, they’re a runners necessity.

    [It’s refreshing to know that I’m not a PP client as I’d probably get reamed for my dining choices -- yet I’m lean. After reviewing some of Joe’s exercise video’s, and being knowledgeable, I’d be reluctant to join.]

  • Jami

    Ugh! I do that too…. I snack on some healthy things that I dont worry about calories..well it all adds up! SO frustrating. And I always have a sweet tooth.

  • Lynn

    I am such a distaster when it comes to sweets! I avoid bread, potatoes, fried things.. pretty much the basics.. but as soon as you put something with the slightest bit of sugar in front of me, I surrender! I need help!!! I swear if I get to control my sweet tooth I’ll lose at least 10 lbs by default!

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