Trying to Eat Clean in Kona

A 2012 Kona Ironman recap post will be coming tomorrow! I did however want to share some of my healthy travel activities from the week.

I have probably the most important video shoot in Los Angeles next week so while I was here, unfortunately I was not able to partake in the fruity cocktails. It was challenging to say no, but I did it! My fellow Timex Ambassadors must think I’m crazy. I was able to enjoy the local foods. Fresh Avocado, pineapple and fish were always on the menu and I tried to have at least one.

2012 10 13 19 50 00

This Kona Kobb salad from Lava Java might have been my “splurge” with bacon and goat cheese. It also had pineapple, chicken, avocado, sweet potato, and egg of course. It was so so good!

I went running all but one day while in Kona. Along the roads, there were water stations leading up to the actual event making my runs stronger than ever. Inspired by the race, I ran 9.2 miles on Sunday morning. It was the farthest i’ve gone in a long time.

2012 10 14 09 49 17

I wore my new visor that I nabbed at the finish line from Mirinda Carfrae and tried a Gu gel for the very first time! I tried the Tropical Fruit Roctane. I popped it in after 45 minutes and finished strong.

Gu Rocktane Kona 2012

During the trip, our schedule was jam packed. I was glad I brought along with me some of my favorite snacks from home. I love dried edamame but bought this new mix at Marshalls before leaving. It might be a new regular in the rotation. I get lots of fun organic snacks at Marshalls. Many people have no idea about this hidden health food aisle. 2012 10 14 15 58 46

Last night, we went to the final banquet to honor the champions. It was amazing to see these people walk without limp onto the stage. A local Boston athlete, Nate Buttrick came in 5th in his age group (30-34) for the men and wore a South End Athletic Company t-shirt as he accepted his award. Caitlin Snow, also a Boston athlete, finished 10th overall for pro women as well!

2012 10 14 20 04 33

Pete Jacobs, the winner of the Men’s race gave a really cute speech at the ceremony. That mans sure loves his wife and parents. He says love is what carried him through the race. His love for the sport, and his love for his friends and family. The man loves the pain he gets from the Ironman race and I guess I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to understand his true passion.

2012 10 14 21 19 29

The banquet was probably the hardest night to eat clean. The only veggies were in the form of caesar salad and steamed corn that looked like it was frozen. For a $700 entry fee, you’d think they would have a couple appetizing green options. The BBQ chicken was decent and the beef teriyaki was ok as well.

All week I was looking forward to trying an Acai bowl from Basik. The wait was over 20 minutes for basically a smoothie with fruit and granola! Finally this morning I was able to try one and it was tasty but not filling at all. Have you ever tried an acai bowl? I saw they serve them in California (San Diego and San Francisco). Seems like it’s a budding trend…acai bowl kona hawaii

Off to the Kona airport for 11 hours of flying. Don’t you just love a good red eye after a lovely vacation?

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