Under $40 Grocery Haul, Healthy Meal Plan M-F

I was excited to shoot this video because it seems like people are very confused when it comes to eating clean on a budget. I bought all of the groceries featured in today’s video at Trader Joe’s, Shaws and Aldi. This is not part of the Aldi campaign, I’m just a fan like you now. 

Healthy Cheap Grocery Haul Trader Joe's

Eating the same thing for breakfast, lunch or dinner may sound boring but if you are trying to lose weight or maintain a weight loss, it has been found to be effective in helping you reach/keep your goals. For this reason, many of the meals are the same for each day. Makes sense if you are trying to save money though, right?

This video shows you how to eat well Monday through Friday. I did not include dinner on Friday night but my grocery bill was also just $32.76. I left Friday night free for social plans.

Breakfast per serving costs just $1.65, Lunch came to $2.30, Snack was $1.19 and Dinner came in at $3.94.

This is an example of a Pescatarian diet, and can be made gluten free or Paleo (swap the wrap, switch peanut butter to almond). You may need more calories depending on your size and activity levels but this should come out to around 1660 calories.

    • Breakfast: 310-440 calories, depending if you eat the egg yolks or just egg whites
    • Lunch: 430 calories
    • Snack: 310 calories
    • Dinner: 450 calories

Do you do all your grocery shopping at one store or do you shop around like me?

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