What I Ate Wednesday & Where I Worked Out

Happy hump day, everyone! I decided to do another What I Ate Wednesday post and share where I have been working out since I’m testing out ClassPass in Boston this month.

Breakfast this week has been a simple green juice that I make in my blender. I posted a similar recipe on Monday but today I just used celery, kale, banana and fresh pineapple.

IMG 9523

As a snack, I had 1/2 a grapefruit. I’m not very hungry in the morning so yes, this is light but I eat lunch around 12:30 after waking up at 7:30am. I baked the new non-GMO WestSoy Baked in Boulder Asian Teriyaki Tofu and served it on top of brown rice with leftover broccoli from last night, avocado and tahini sauce ready made from Trader Joe’s.

IMG 9908

The baked tofu looks burned but it really isn’t, and I like it a little crispy on the outside. The Tofu is already marinated and ready to eat, but I’m loving the way it tastes after baking on cookie sheet for 25 minutes in the oven at 400F.

IMG 9909

I had a couple ginger chews and mini handful of trail mix for “dessert”. For a snack later in the afternoon, I had another green juice like the one I had in the morning with a few extra pieces of pineapple on the side.

I made Paleo buffalo turkey meatloaf muffins for dinner. I haven’t made them in at least a month and I missed the simplicity of reheating a muffin for leftover dinner ideas. This recipe is supposed to be made with ground chicken. They were a little watery as a result but tasted just fine.

IMG 9902

They are made with coconut flour for a Paleo twist. I paired it with some roasted broccoli. I would have steamed it but with the meatloaf muffins were in the oven already, so it was the easiest route.

IMG 9903

For a good carb side dish, I also made thinly sliced sweet potato chips. I carefully flip them after 20 minutes and leave them roasting for 40 to get them crispy. I tossed them with 2 tbsp of olive oil, salt, pepper and all spice.

IMG 9905

Like my tofu, I like the chips to be a little brown. This was my dinner last night, but have plenty left over so it is what I am planning to have tonight. Dessert might be a coconut popsicle, ginger chews or handful of trail mix. I’m boring, I know.

In regards to where I worked out, I’ve been trying ClassPass and while at first I was using it to book my regular favorite studios, I realized I should be trying new gyms! I signed up for Ali Baldassare’s Pilates Bootcamp on Monday at noon at Studio J, a new Pilates and Yoga boutique in Government Center. It was so nice and warm when I arrived. Brand new, the studio just opened shop in January.

IMG 6712

I have taken class with Ali before at Equinox and so I kind of knew what I was getting myself into and loved it. She taught a 60-minute long class that combined basic cardio moves with fun Pilates sequences in the yoga room which is downstairs, below the room in the photo above. The room is also used for Yoga and Barre workouts and had a welcoming feel with dim lighting, hardwood floors and exposed brick. Ali is a great teacher and this class was no different. The outsides of my booty were severely sore the next day! While there were only 2 other students in class with me, Ali did a great job at showing modifications and advanced movements as all three of us were each a little different.

Studio J also offers 30-minute lunch time reformer classes and a variety of other workouts. Check out their schedule online. I used ClassPass but for $25 you can try as many yoga, barre and Pilates mat classes as you like for 2 weeks (reformer not included).

Last week, I also tried a class at Exhale using ClassPass and tomorrow, I’m trying out an hour long reformer class in Southie at C2 Pilates.

I also took class at Barry’s on Tuesday and ran on the treadmill on my own today for 5 miles, testing out various new interval sets for my own classes.

My only problem so far with ClassPass is that I like to sign up for classes 12 to two hours ahead of time. You have to reserve at least 24 hours in advance. You can email them to put you in a class if it is after the 24 hour window but it makes me feel needy. I enjoy being self sufficient.

Product disclaimer: I was sent the WestSoy baked tofu to test, and it’s delicious. Keep an eye out for it in Whole Foods.

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